Thursday, 23 July 2009

Weather ! !

Two little helpers, Capachino and Mona.
What unseasonal weather we've been having this week. The chickens were huddled together under their little house one minute and basking in sunshine the next, then they were soaking wet, then thankfully the wind got up and blew them dry.
That's when they decided to help me tidy the side of the house. I weeded and cleaned out between the flagststones and they unearthed all the little creepy crawlies and turned it into a little picnic. I swept all the gravel off the path, and they dug it out and flicked it all back onto the path.

Between us we managed to get the back of the house looking like this, a bit bare but tidier and much safer to walk on. The two cast iron bench-ends are a bargain Lovely Hubby picked up and are awaiting some new slats of hardwood to make us a lovely seat to sit on at the back of the house......we have BIG plans for this area.

Sue xx


  1. That must have been so satisfying - seeing the results of your labours. Look forward to seeing what you do with the area.
    Cal x

  2. the weather is a pain with us as well....

    Gill in Canada


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