Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Meet the family - Sophie

This is Sophie, the Border Collie, born just after Toby in 1999, on a farm in Peebles in Scotland to working parents. She was bought as a tiny puppy by Hubby for his step-daughters birthday. She's a lovely happy grinny dog, with such a zest for life.
When we moved to this farm it was decided that we could bring Sophie with us, to live out her retirement, previously we had her to stay at our house every weekend, so we could take her on long country walks and give her a little more freedom (Hubbys ex-wife lives in a little terraced house in a town centre).

Leaping for sticks in the snow.

And how she loves it, she has the freedom to roam outside the farmhouse as we are over a mile from any road. She has rabbits, hares, moles and all the other wonderful scents that a dog loves to track and since we moved she has had snow......lots of snow to play in.

Sophie in the snow.

She gets on well with Archie, our younger cat (and they have matching markings), they play hiding from each other and pouncing out at the last minute. Archie always seems to get the upper hand but Sophie loves it.
An unusual fact about Sophie - she refuses to eat dog food!! From being a little puppy she has only ever eaten Whiskas cat food. So you can imagine, if she doesn't eat it all up the cats soon join in!! Not that she even minds, she stands back and watches, she seems amazed that they are eating her 'dog food'!!

Crashed out after chasing sticks.

We forget sometimes (and so does she) that she is quite an old lady and slighty out of condition after living in town for so long, and after a day spent outdoors fetching sticks for the log piles, rooting out moles and generally running about here there and everywhere she crashes.....big style, she lies on her mat behind the sofa and snores for England, dreaming and twitching and living the exciting events of the day all over again.

And at the end of the day Sophie follows us up the stairs to bed and with a wriggle and a squeeze sleeps in her favourite place, under Jason's bed.

Sue xx


  1. hello there I'm not too envious of your life in the country!

    i shall pop back to catch up on how you got there.


  2. Tis lovely to meet your "family" Sue.......sometimes I wish I were a dog...sigh.

    Just passing on a message from mel, she had trouble's, email me sue and I'll pass your details to mel. I've had trouble trying to post a message to you fingers crossed this works.

    Lynn x


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