Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Aga Saga

This is it, my lovely blue Aga, heater of kitchen and the cremator of pies........

Up to now everything I've attempted to cook has just about worked, indeed some things have been gorgeous, lovely succulent chickens and the most divine tasting pizzas, but last night we decided to have a chicken and leek pie, one that had been frozen. 

 I will admit it was out of a packet, but when you've been decorating and sorting all day a quick tea is sometimes the order of the day. 

 It said on the packet 40-45 minutes at Gas 6, so I stuffed it into the hot oven and thought to myself I must check this after 30 very wrong.......I looked after 30 minutes and the topping of charcoal was SO impressive. 

 So for tea last night it was salad with chicken and leek flan ( I sliced the top off, not as pretty but almost as tasty) and we now know that Sophie (the Collie) loves charcoal!! 

 Sue xx


  1. Congratulations Sue, looks like you are really getting settled in to your new home.

    Feel free to pop by Land Cuckoo ( anytime the kettle is always on!

    Sarah x

  2. You'll get used to Aga - remember that the roasting oven is very hot! Put ready meals on the rack at the bottom of the oven & check after half the cooking time recommended on the box!
    If you haven't got one a "plain cold shelf" is a good investment - you put it in the oven above the pie or whatever & it stops the top from overcooking.

    Good luck!


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