Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Signs of spring through the utility room window.

Well yesterday was the strangest day, weather wise that is. The snow lay on the ground then it half melted, just long enough for me to tell Hubby on the phone that 'yes, it's getting clearer here, the snow is going', then it came back in flurries, the sun shone, then the sky darkened so much we had all the lights on while we painted the living room. 

Then the sun came back and all lights were off. 

The snow stopped, so I painted the window frames, leaving the windows open enough to dry in the chilly breeze, then the snow came back blowing madly into the gap and leaving little marks on my newly painted sill!!

Still at the end of all that we are getting there, the room is almost finished, just a couple of walls to emulsion at the television end and then the woodwork at that end to paint. It is starting to look like a proper room!! We have gone just a smidgen darker in this room with a double mix of our coloured paint into the white emulsion and it looks good for it. It shows off the wood of the fireplaces and the colours in the new curtains will bring the room to life.

I can't wait for the good bit 'the dressing'. It's what I do best and I think it's what I'm missing from my little shop. No two weeks saw the shop looking the same, I was always doing new window displays and playing with the stock on the shelves.

I've just heard from my friend Fiona that she has decided not to keep the shop going, so soon Lavender's Blue... will be no more. I am going to make the final journey to Ulverston at the end of this month to remove the sign and take all my shop fittings away, it will be a sad day but a fitting full stop to our former life in Cumbria.

As promised yesterday, when I was so rudely 'dust sheeted' a couple more of the Snowy Walk pictures from yesterdays walk.

Our pond.

The collapsing little building by the barn.

Today's walk will be a colder crisper, but just as lovely one, as here in Great Haseley the sun is shining on the frozen landscape bringing a sparkle to the branches and fences all around us, the ground is hard underfoot and I'm off now to find my woolly walking socks and my lovely furry hat.

Sophie on the final stretch yesterday.

Til next time. 
 Sue xx

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  1. You make it sound so exciting, Sue. Looking forward to the 'after' photos.

    P x


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