Sunday, 8 February 2009

Our Tractor Walk

All around our farm is the land owned by our landlord and in the centre is his main farmyard surrounded by his tractor and Landrover graveyard. Which vehicles work and which don't we have no idea. But the other day in the deep, deep snow we had our 'Tractor Walk', a walk of discovery looking at all the farm equipment and buildings that we usually drive past on our way to the main village road.

Hubby asked me to photograph every Landrover we passed as he has an idea of a new hobby "when I have the time" of building a working Landrover out of all the derelict ones lying around. Should keep him out of mischief!!

Peering through windows ...

And under bonnets ... could he get any closer??

It was a lovely walk of discovery and one the dog thoroughly enjoyed, but to tell you the truth I'm getting a bit fed up of all this snow now, it's so deep its scratches icily at the underside of the car as we drive along our lane, the cats are permanently wet and spooked, and it's at that stage around the house when it looks dirty and yucky.

Can we go now Dad??

The only good thing is the amount of birds we are getting to our bird feeders, outside the kitchen window. We hung up a selection of nuts, wild bird seed and fat balls in the trees the day before it snowed (luck more than clever timing!) and the birds have discovered them with gusto. I have never seen such a diverse range of birds. We have finally found our Bird Book amongst all the packed away Christmas presents and have it handy on the worktop by the kitchen window to identify our lovely feathered friends.

Til next time
Sue xx

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