Thursday 19 February 2009

Enough of the white stuff........

I don't mean snow either.....I spent the whole of yesterday (or so it felt!) painting the fitted wardrobes in our bedroom with Dulux Satinwood in brilliant white......yes they look good NOW, but oh how I hate painting doors.

In my dream house we would have lovely oak or pine doors, skirting boards, stair spindles etc etc...... I would even plump for (horror of horrors) plastic window frames if I never had to paint with horrible sticky paint again. Somehow it ends up on me, my clothes, everything I touch....which means the mugs, the cats, the get the picture. The forensics guys could follow my trail round the house ... although the fingerprints are all white!! 

 There, that's it....moan over.

 Today I get to do the nice bits, the only thing that kept me sane yesterday was the thought of today! I can unpack some of our lovely pictures, mirrors and some of the lovely silk flowers that I used to sell in my shop. The titivation shall commence and hopefully by tomorrow I shall have a couple of lovely photos to show you. The sort that make you pick up the paintbrush and start on the next room.....grrrrr!!

   Haha now I know I'm mad!!

Have a good day.

Sue xx


  1. Oh Sue I know what you mean about the paint! I hate the wood work paint so much that I refuse to use gloss or satinwood and always use eggshell now. I find its much nicer to use, especially the water based ones, better finish with the oil based tho on furniture. Not probably telling you anything you dont already know so I'll shush now!
    Hopefully by the time you are reading this you will have had a chance to do the nice stuff and finish off the room, get titivating!
    Take care, you're nearly there!
    Sarah x

  2. OK, I give ... what's titivating? P.S. I always begin a painting project all revved up and ready to go ... and end up just like you describe, Miss Sue!

  3. Haha - lovely Helen!

    Titivate, dictionary definition - to smarten up - spruce up. An old English word brought back to life by a comedian called Frankie Howard because of the 'titi' part.

    Daily usage in the UK by weird and wacky people like myself - all the lovely bitty bits of arranging and re-arranging of knicks knacks and pretties until they are just so, just placed where you want them and pleasing to the eye.

    Thank you for you lovely comments.

    Sue xx


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