Monday 9 February 2009

Lovely Sunday

At last some things are starting to take shape. 

This is the fireplace at the office end of the living room,  maybe not in it's final version, but at least looking almost done! The gift wrapped spade (or is it?) was a lovely Christmas present from my eldest son Simon. We just can't bring ourselves to unwrap it yet ... maybe he could be the first to use it!!

We had a lovely relaxing Sunday. After a couple of cups of coffee and hot buttered toast we scraped the car along the ice to get to the village hall to visit our first Great Haseley Farmers Market. There was free bacon butties and coffee for everyone and the range of stalls was VERY impressive. All locally made and produced, meats, cheeses, breads, fudge, flowers, hand woven blankets and felted bowls, sweets and popcorn (courtesy of the Brownies), wine, the most glorious home made cakes, ready prepared meals, just waiting to be popped into your freezer and passed off as your own! (as if!! he he), and bulbs of every sort and description.

Of course purchases had to be made and we left laden down with a vast assortment, well you have to support the local economy in this current climate (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!). Hubby bought a couple of bottles of very classy wine for Valentines Day, I bought cakes from the Brownies, a lovely big carrot cake from another stall, a wedge of local Stilton for Hubby, a BIG bunch of flowers for me, a gorgeous loaf of Walnut bread (sampled last night with pate.....delicious), I also bought Jason a lovely big slab of homemade fudge, which has kidding, we got home unpacked and have been searching ever since......frustrating.

 I also treated us to an assortment of bulbs in pots, Grape Hyacinths, Crocuses in white and purple and some more large yellow hyacinths, Hubby said we should concentrate on the veggies this year, but we all need a bit of pretty colour in our lives.

And the good news is........... I have been invited to have my own stall there next month, so in a small way Lavender's Blue will be continuing and sooner than I thought, all I have to do is find and organise enough stock to fill a table. Sounds easy but you should see the spare room!!

After the market we went on to a village called Benson, and ordered our new farmhouse kitchen table, with its four matching chairs and a bench that fits neatly underneath. It will look gorgeous in the kitchen and will fill the huge hole that is appearing as we gradually empty the kitchen of boxes and furniture for all the other rooms as we are decorating them

And what do you do after all that frenzied buying........of course you go to the village pub for a lovely ice cold refreshing cider to fortify you for the afternoon ahead. And a busy afternoon it was too, more decorating, sorting and ironing of new curtains for the almost finished living room.

It's lovely that the house is starting to feel and look a bit more like home and I love our new things, they are fitting SO well into the old farmhouse.

Today we start work on our bedroom, so it's back into old clothes and out with the paintbrushes and roller.

Sue xx

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