Thursday 12 February 2009

Love and Logs

Today the sun is shining and the last little clumps of snow are clinging bravely to their shady corners, the ice and snow on the road is now stripey with the mud peeking through, the frost
is twinkling on my little car and all seems well with the world.

Is this what you're collecting Dad?

It's Hubby's' final day at work this week (he works a four day week) and by tonight he'll be home for the weekend. The poor man has to get up each day at 5.30am so he can set off for work at 6.15, he has an hours drive down the icy, snowy roads of Oxfordshire to get to work and he doesn't get home each evening until 6.30pm, it's a long day!

We've been SO busy recently and both SO tired that I don't think we have been on top form, we are each others Best Friends as well as husband and wife, and sometimes you show your best friend your worst side and only put your best behaviour on for outsiders. Well this weekend it stops....Valentines Day is upon us and boy are we going to celebrate.

Hubby has asked me to buy my favourite foods for him to cook on what will I choose.....will he be impersonating Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Nigella Lawson (ha ha....that I would LOVE to see) or will he be making cheese butties for two? He has already purchased two bottles of lovely wine, so all I have to do is find the perfect food to accompany them......easy....ha ha. I will sally forth and raid the shelves of the supermarket and the local shops until I find the perfect feast.

We will have our love and our logs to keep us warm, and hopefully a feast for three (well I couldn't leave Jason out when he's worked so hard all week, but he'll have to fight hard for a glass of wine!!).

Sue xx


  1. Aah, enjoy your wine and weekend, you have all earnt it. Lovely logs! This is not a strange fetish but I know what an accomplished feeling you have when the log baskets are full!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  2. You certainly have a great man there! Enjoy your romantic meal, whatever you decide upon - it's always more enjoyable when you haven't cooked it yourself...
    Happy Valentine's

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, this is the first time I have had a peek at yours, im loving it all ready! I think im going to grab a warm cuppa and have a good read of all your posts! Nice to meet you!lol! Jen x

  4. Hi there, love your blog! Hope the wine went down a treat! I'd be lost without a glass/bottle at the end of a hard week/day haha!!

  5. Hello again ... I left a comment earlier this morning (couldn't sleep) on Lavender's Blue. Then I looked through your posts until I came upon the first one! Now, I am going to have the distinct pleasure of reading about your new life in the country! Your adventures and the way you describe them are priceless. Enjoy ... I like the way you totally embrace life!


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