Tuesday 17 February 2009

Slowly but surely...........

Slowly but surely, in lots of little ways, this house is starting to feel like home. 

Pictures are being hung on the walls. A place is being found for most of the things being unpacked and we are starting to remember where things go.

A huge breakthrough last night was the big pine wardrobe which is to the be main storage for my business was finally assembled and put in place in my new workroom. Now I can begin to sort through my stock and prepare for the forthcoming Farmers Market. And even more importantly I can begin to assemble the core stock for my website 'Lavender's Blue 2' currently under construction.

The house will be used to as a backdrop for all the photos of stock, so obviously this has had to be put on hold until we had some photogenic corners, but we are almost there. Today we will be finishing off in the main bedroom and doing a spot of weed pulling in the orchard. But in every spare moment I will be tweaking our little finished areas until they are 'just right'.

Have a good day.

Sue xx


  1. Its so nice when you get to the stage where your house turns into a home, I cant wait to get to that stage with my own little nest,(its a long way off that though) You have given me inspiration...perhaps there is some light at the end of that plaster dust filled tunnel!lol!! Jen x

  2. Fabulous, so pleased things are coming along for you. Just seeing your scales there reminds me I must send Hubby up in the loft to find my set which I was saving for when the kitchen was finished and that was quite a few months back now!
    Looking forward to seeing your Lavender's Blue website, I think you will have things that I like! Just a hunch, you know.
    Take care, Sarah x

  3. Just came across your blog...looks very interesting.....nice reading....will follow and be back. Teresa

  4. Hello there Sue .... I always feel better after paying you a visit ... thank you!

  5. Agree with helen......loving your blog

  6. How lovely to hear from you.....so pleased you are settling in....thats good news...:>)
    Your home will soon be just that, A cosy retreat, like you have always been there.....oh and I LOVE the AGA!!!

    Thank you for the good wishes!xx


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