Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow, snow and more snow.......

Sophie in the snow

Our second week here on the farm and we have snow, lots of the stuff, Sophie is bravely playing fetch....although as the snow deepens the ball is harder to find! The cats have taken refuge in the eaves of the house (these are our lovely warm storage cupboards, fantastic for storage and formerley a mouse heaven, built into the farmhouse when it was rebuilt in 1999). We are holed up decorating the living room.

In the beginning....

We spent the whole of yesterday filling in cracks, using special paint to cover old damp stains and cutting in around the edge of the room, Hubby wielded the roller for the ceiling and Jason the one for the special paint. I did the cutting in. Until we started this room we didn't realise the size of it. It's like doing two rooms at once, almost 30 feet in length by about 16 foot wide,it has two windows, the main farmhouse front door (which is never used), a fireplace at each end, one working and one that could work but is going to be ornamental. The doorway into the kitchen is just that, a doorway, no door just a gap that shows the thickness of the old farmhouse walls.

Jason and roller (his NEW best friend!)

At the moment we are half way, the ceiling is half done, the cutting in just needs doing around the top and then we can crack on with the walls and the woodwork. Things ground to a halt when we realised the long drying time needed for the special paint. Hopefully a bit more can be done today especially as a quarter of the room is to be used as our office, (we run our businesses from the farmhouse) and our office at the moment is basic!!

If the snow lasts we have no excuse, we will have to carry on decorating......well apart from walking the dog, getting some firewood and having the odd snowball fight!!

Keep warm.

Sue xx

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