Monday 23 February 2009

A Working Weekend

Well this weekend was mostly spent clearing around the front and side of the house, clearing in the orchard and clearing in our little bit of reclaimed field around our 'Tumbledown wall'. Old gates were moved and dead trees chopped down, an old drain was discovered (seemingly the cause of the flooding in the bottom of the field around the horse trough).

Hubby worked like a Trooper (and swore like one on occasion!). Jason pulled, dug and shredded for all he was worth, aided and abetted by Sophie the Collie.

I meanwhile was on my hands and knees pulling out the vast assortment of weeds that had taken up residence around the walls of the house. Horrible prickly things that worked their way through my gloves and stuck all over me. The wretched things were evicted and tipped into the compost bin, the stones were swept back into the border that runs against the side of the house and then the more pleasurable job of planting up some tubs could commence.

The front door - before

and after.

A mini Stonehenge was discovered in all the undergrowth! We are going to save all these lovely original old decorative stones to place in a border around the big pond. According to the farm's owner they should all have a circular stone that sits on top, but up to now we haven't found them. We live in hope!

Towards the end of the day a very tired but happy Hubby suggested a bonfire to clear the area, we quickly assembled it and the enjoyable task of burning all the dead wood and weeds was begun. We did save all the good logs (especially the old apple wood) for the house fire. To say it was big would be an understatement, we lit the fire at about 3pm and on looking out the window when I went up to bed at 11.30pm the embers were still casting a eerie glow across the field.

It was a happy weekend with lots achieved, lots of laughs, and the difference that we can see today is truly amazing. We finished the weekend off with lovely hot bubbly baths and a tasty roast chicken, cooked in the Aga surrounded by vegetables, while we soaked. We watched 'Lost' on TV and went to bed chilled and happy (and aching in muscles we didn't even know we had).

The back door of the farmhouse - welcoming at last.

Hope your weekend was as enjoyable and as productive, if not - there's always next weekend!!

Sue xx


  1. I thought that we had been quite busy in the garden this weekend but you certainly put me to shame!

  2. Hi, it seems, lots of us have taken advantage of the lovely weekend weather. Lovely to hear from you.

    Sue xx

  3. Oh what a difference a day makes or weekend....its so lovely to get stuc in as it were.....and your refreshed area around your front door looks lovely...thanks for sharing. Teresa

  4. I was digging for victory on my allotment :).......was a lovely weekend and I'm glad your's was as productive as mine.

  5. Hi Sue, gosh you're really cracking on. You can't beat that contented tired feeling after a good days work can you? Your front door looks very welcoming.
    Bertie x

  6. Around the doors does look better doesn't it, I just can't wait to actually paint the doors themselves, but Hubby says we have to wait until the wood dries out properly. However, this Saturday we are getting the paint colour matched so we can give them a new coat as soon as they are dried out. Lets hope for a few more sunny days!!

    Sue xx


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