Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Snowy Walk

Jointers Farmhouse in the snow.

Well it had to be done, decorating temporarily suspended and the dog walked, this time I took the camera, luckily there was no-one to take a photograph of me with my Russian hat, layers and layers of clothes.

Best foot foward.......

Come on Mum....keep up!!

Our farm is spread over approximately 5 acres and is surrounded on all sides by our landlords' farm of over 600 acres, so we have plenty of room for doggie walking, as long as we keep to the edges of the fields we have permission to roam and forage.

Snow on the fields.

Sophie by the barn.

Sophie enjoyed it immensely and I came back all relaxed and ready for a days painting.
And the walk continues, more photos later, I'm about to be covered by a dust sheet, painting must re-commence.

Sue xx

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