Friday 1 July 2016

Repairs Completed ... Now Onto the Final Stage

The roof and chimney repairs, replacement guttering, soffits, bargeboards and flashing are all completed now and we're starting to look a lot neater around the edges.

Everything is in low maintenance wood effect uPVC or plastic,  and is black or dark grey.

And now we are on the final stage of repairing the house.  

Giving the walls two, and three in the case of the most exposed wall that was letting all the water in, coats of dark grey paint.  The remaining woodwork on the front porch and the stone windowsills will be picked out in black.  It's starting to look a lot smarter already ... I just wish it would stop raining long enough for the painters to do more than a couple of hours at a time.  If they had a run of three  nice dry days it would all be finished .... ah well what can we expect it's Summer in North Wales, that means rain, showers, thunder storms etc ....

Sue xx 


  1. It will all look very smart when it is finished and will have been worth all the time and effort

  2. The coming winter should be so much better for you. Is that paint a special waterproof paint?

  3. Can it be true? Well done! Here's hoping for those 3 dry sunny days, days that the workmen are working, not a weekend.

  4. We used brick sealer to stop water penetration, its clear and easy to apply and lasts 15 years.

  5. Hi Sue,

    I'm a silent reader from your blog. I'm from the Netherlands and we will visit North Wales in July! I think we're not far from you, we have a holiday home in Llanelian. So maybe we will see you, of your lovely house, stock and polytunnel in a while! We do have a vegetable garden ourself. We harvest 10 kilo of strawberries last couple of weeks, lots of green beans, lettuce, lots of lettuce and carrots. I am hoping with you for a couple of dry days, even here in the middle of the Netherlands, it is so wet! How is the weather forecast in North Wales? Or doesn't that say anything? We do have rain when the weather man says it will be dry and it is dry when it should rain. But most of the time it is raining. ;) sorry for my bad English!

  6. Beautiful!

  7. So glade's coming together. Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Hopefully the end to making tea for builders is in sight!

  9. Actually, it is just the same over here in the East of the country this year Sue. We have never had a year with so much rain at silage and hay time. We are just hoping for some warm, sunny weather shortly. The Farmers' Guardian says today that the second half of July is going to be warm and sunny.


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