Wednesday 6 July 2016

What's with the Weather!!

What's with the weather?  Where is the Summer or at least a couple of warm days in a row so that we can know that it's safe to hang out a line of washing without having to keep one eye on the window all the time.

This morning I was sat at the computer with my second cup of coffee of the day, it was needed to warm my hands after walking the dogs round the paddock, cleaning out the henhouse and watering the polytunnel.  The dogs all decided it was the sort of day when a proper sleep was called for and within minutes of me sitting down the snoring began.

It does make it feel cosy in the office with snoozing pooches for company.

Outside it's all looking pretty lush.  The Lavender is growing well in the new flower bed near the road, this is the large transplanted bush, all the smaller ones are flowering too ... just in a more restrained way.  The bees love it although try as I might I couldn't get one in shot for the photo.

In the old bed in front of the house the Hydrangea is coming into flower and is at that just opening stage before going all 'blowsy'.

And the bright pink Rose (I have no idea what sort it is) is flowering again.  Just as it did all last Summer, all through the Autumn and all through the Winter ... and then with just a two week rest in Spring it started again.  I just can't seem to get it pruned and I'll be damned if I'm going to cut off such lovely flowers just to prune it when the book says I should.

Picture from October

So the weather isn't just confusing us, it has the plants all haywire too.  The Dog Rose that I pictured flowering in the paddock back in October is now flowering again, and is a mass of pretty pink flowers ... this time though around the time that they should be there.

Sue xx


  1. oh, the bright pink rose is so beautiful!

  2. The rain is certainly benefiting the garden.. and the weeds as well!

  3. I love the way the pug has commandeered the basket and all others are having to fit round. My pug was just the same in spite of my other dog at the time being a German Short haired Pointer!
    The farmer and I were talking about the weather last evening - we can't remember a year when the seasons behaved as seasons should - maybe we should do away with the word.

  4. In Devon last Saturday I had a thick fleece on when we went to Exeter and my future sil cancelled a barbecue he had planned on doing. On Sunday it was so hot and my sunglasses came out when we went to a Fun Day in the village my daughter lives in and then on Monday we were back to the cold wet weather. Doesn't make sense. At least the Fun Day had the best of weather.

    Joan (Wales)

  5. I agree this weather is so confusing - can't believe it is July and it still feels cold in the house. Like you, Sue, I have one eye out of the kitchen window as it was lovely and sunny this morning so I took a chance and put all the bedding out on the line. If I don't get it in before I go to work it will be soaked again by tonight. Your photos are lovely, love the sleepy dogs and your beautiful flowers. Everything is growing well in the garden, especially the weeds - oh well another job for the weekend! Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire.

  6. Beautiful blooms. I used some lavender from my garden this week to make some biscuits. They turned out surprisingly well, after my terrible, homage to her Maj, 'corgi' biscuits.


  7. Gorgeous flowers and love the dogs...I believe this is all related to global warming/climate change. I'd gladly send you some heat from where I am.

  8. We miss sleeping cats! Lots of colour to be had here, but it needs the sun to make it sparkle

  9. Be careful what you wish for! Here in NY, its in the 90's with high humidity - there's actually a poor air quality alert for today and tomorrow. Perfect day for staying indoors with AC on.
    Beautiful flowers.


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