Thursday 7 July 2016

The View

Our view from home is the view you can see in the header photograph at the top of the blog.   As you travel along the road it obviously changes as the hills follow the contours of the River Conwy.  

Usually I can't capture the changing view as I'm driving the car, and even when I'm a passenger we are too low down in the car or truck to fully do it justice.  But the other day we went to the Tearooms at Bodnant and driving down from the carpark I just had to pull over and snap at the wonderful vista before me.

We're so lucky to have found this beautiful part of Wales to call our own.

Sue xx


  1. What a wonderful view! I think that you are very, very lucky indeed and it is so nice that you appreciate your surroundings so much. Doesn't North Wales look glorious in the sunshine?!! Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire

  2. Essex is so flat and uninteresting but it does have lovely beaches. I love Wales because its so lumpy and bumpy with lots to see. You are indeed very lucky.

    1. 'lumpy and bumpy' Wales .... I love this description 😊

  3. When I first came to live up here with my previous husband on our retirement in 1987 I was always saying 'I can't believe we actually live somewhere as beautiful as this.' We are so lucky aren't we?

  4. Beautiful vistas to gaze upon.

    God bless.

  5. what a stunning picture that you get to see every day! :O)


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