Sunday 24 July 2016

Sowing in the Rain

We have literally just come in after a morning of raking out stones, levelling the ground, then fertilising it and then sowing grass seed.  We really wanted to get it done this weekend as a week of rain is forecast and what better start to new grass than warmth and rain.

Unfortunately the rain arrived a little earlier than we expected, and we spent a good couple of hours getting very wet indeed,  so much so that while I was stood under the conservatory overhang opening the fourth box of grass seed I thought it was still raining on me, but no it was just me raining on me, my hair was that wet it was dripping down on the rest of me.  But the job is now done, and we are in showered and dry at last, this new levelled area matches up with the newly laid grass at the side of the house and will be that much easier to mow on a regular basis.

Now we just have to go out and try and find a reasonably priced petrol mower, as ours had a bit of a mishap yesterday when Lovely Hubby hit something very hard and a huge chunk of metal flew off it.  It will be repaired in the future when LH has his welding gear in the workshop but for now we need something a bit lighter weight that I can use more often and that will fill the gap until our old one is fixed. 

Sue xx


  1. We had a petrol mower which I was never able to start. It was on its last legs so we replaced it with a lighter weight electric mower which I can now use. It has been a very wet summer up here too with a cracking storm last week.

  2. Dare I say it 'please send some rain our way' we, Essex is parched. I don't mind watering the greenhouse but when it comes to the whole garden ;0(

    1. Nope, it's all ours 😉

      We've had a very hot and dry couple of weeks, everything is parched so for once I'm hoping the forecast is right. Our grass and my sweet corn plants and beans desperately need a good watering.

  3. I must say that you look to have done an excellent job in the preparation of the site for your lawn. Well done - and getting rain as you sowed it too - a bonus.

  4. You're as bad as me. Out at dusk last night on the steepest part of the hill moving a Phlomis ahead of the rain. It hadn't wilted by this morning so all worthwhile.. as your soggy grass seeding will be!

  5. It will be sprouting in no time and will look very smart no doubt! We haven't had rain for a while in Surrey either but it has helped with me getting everything washed and dried in preparation for the move so I'm not moaning!

  6. I've been strimming (and singing) in the rain!

  7. Sounds like it was quite a challenge, but the garden looks amazing so I think it paid off!


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