Wednesday 27 July 2016

Chickens and Sheep

" Look I think Mum's got some food."

"Oooh is the grass nice ....

... I think I'll try some."

" Come over here everyone .... this is lovely."

This post is brought to you by sheep and chickens ..... and ooops did you notice in the first photo that I've left my bucket on the far gate post ... I'll just go and retrieve it, have a nice day  :-)

Sue xx


  1. I looked after someone's chickens recently and they are such a study! The cockerel is a right old bossy boots and noisily rounds up the ladies to put them to bed and shows them where to eat! I could watch them for hours. Love your photos x

  2. Needed sharp eyes to spot that bucket! Mother and I were laughing at how every news organisation tried to make sure they had shots of Dolly's cloned sisters when they were walking in a line, or all stood with their heads looking the same way

  3. Wish i could keep some chickens but i dont think the neighbours would be very happy lol xxx


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