Sunday 10 July 2016

A Long Week

Phew .... it's been a long week.  

What with the changeable weather, painters showing up/not showing up, builders picking things up, guys dropping off chippings, non-stop watering in the polytunnel, clearing up after escaping chickens who love to rummage around in the chippings that Lovely Hubby has placed so carefully around the plants, and the general day to day hectic-ness of living with two hyperactive Jack Russells and a seemingly permanently hungry Pug,  and if you top it all off with a cat that keeps bringing in mice for the Jack Russells to chase around the chest freezer, I mean never have you seen two dogs so obsessed with a chest freezer and what lurks beneath it .... I need a lie down and a long cool, very alcoholic drink!!

By the way that's not Suky in the top picture ......

... this is Suky !!

Sue xx


  1. Such a cutie your Suki! I hope you get a moment or two and a nice drink...

  2. I know how you feel. Suki is a cutie. :)

  3. By the way Suky's name ends in a Y .... she is not Japanese!!

    Her name means 'lily' in Hebrew the same as my name.

    It is also a Scottish term for a little one that sucks up or cuddles up to you. She was named in honour of my lovely mum in law Jessie ❤

  4. Judging by her woebegone expression, it's been a long week for Suky as well. Things do sound rather hectic up your way, so I hope Sunday will be a day of relaxation for you, feet up, watching the tennis (or Formula 1 from Silverstone, as in my case) with a punnet of strawberries and a long cool alcoholic drink in hand. Oh yeah, and a gang of fairies to walk the dogs, water the plants and do all the other jobs around the house!

  5. The dog in the picture look so sad @.@

  6. Just caught up with your recent blogs, and especially liked your post about your poly tunnel. We are thinking about getting a poly, and looking at what you are doing in yours has fired our enthusiasm even further!

  7. Suky is such an expressive dog. It looks as if she is saying "I know your week has been hectic, how about we sit and have a cuddle."

    God bless.

  8. Lol ,that is so funny i have an image of the dogs chasing mice round the freezer lol , Never a dull moment with you and your pets lol x


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