Thursday, 28 July 2016

Ladies Who Lunch - Round Two

It just had to be done, the 'ladies who lunch' struck again :-)

Once again at the Wyevale near Mum's the offers were waiting for us.  Everything was down by 70% and the 'Maypole plant supports' that I had been keeping my eye on since they were first put out at half their usual £18.99 price tag were reduced to clear at £5 each ... so I got two.

They will be brilliant on the Veggie Patch next year for the broad and runner beans.  I also managed to find another tomato hanging basket at just a pound, it was lurking on a shelf all on it's own ... so I rescued it!!

There was only one thing that fell into the trolley that wasn't strictly useful, and that was this glass sign ... I just had to have it ... and at just £2 it would have been rude not to.  Between us we got £71.93 worth of goods for just £11.76.

Mum was very restrained this week and she just treated herself to a little solar powered owl light, to light up her tiny garden at night, the neighbours watch in amazement as she squeezes so many lovely little plants and accessories into her tiny patch, it looks wonderful.  I'll get a couple of photos next week if I remember to take my camera.

That should be it for sale goods at the garden centre now .... I think they are making room for all the Christmas decorations that are no doubt waiting in the wings ... there I said it ... the dreaded C word.  I'll go and stand in the corner and repent  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. Good for you! Love keeping up with your adventures.


  2. Those were some fabulous deals! I've never seen the maypole plant supports before, but they look pretty cool.

  3. A day with Mum and bargains, brilliant.

  4. Sue You forgot to mention the extra discount at the till .
    because I could not use the £5 voucher because it did not come to £20
    Love you lots . MUM X

  5. It's lovely getting a bargain - you do really well at that Wyevale Garden Centre. Would love to see photos of your mum's garden. It's great to have a nosey around other people's plots no matter how big or small. I only have a small garden, but it's enough for my chickens, pond, greenhouse and all my plants. You get inspiration from looking at other peoples. Have a great weekend, regards, Louise S, Cheshire.

  6. Ive cobbled items like this for the flower show raffle


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