Tuesday 17 June 2014

Chased by a Chicken

There was a commotion in Chicken World yesterday evening.  As I ran to the door to see what was up luckily my camera was at hand as one of the chickens was chasing a squirrel round, clucking angrily at it ...

... swerving and almost keeping up with it as dashed this way and that. 
The other chickens were completely unperturbed by all this sudden frantic activity and carried on their usual evening business of scratching around for insects and tasty nibbles, and grooming themselves ready for bedtime.

Soon she lost interest and gave up the chase and peace resumed very quickly but I had spotted the little chap run under the henhouse so I kept watching.
He had a drink of water to quench his thirst after the unexpected tag game he had just played ....

... he then spotted a tasty snack ...
.... and quickly got stuck in before he was spotted again.
Sue xx


  1. They get everywhere... grrrrr!
    We currently have FOUR working the bird table as a pack. I keep threatening to get the twirler back out. Either that or chickens!

  2. What a cheeky thing! I'm amazed the other chucks weren't bothered by it.

    X x

  3. So cute even though they are rats with a designer wardrobe x

  4. haha so funny and so lucky to catch it on camera

  5. I love Julee's description. I like squirrels but I know I'm in a minority. My bloomin neighbour shoots them, or so he says. I wonder, he seems like such a nice chap.

    Jean x


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