Friday 6 June 2014

Not Playing Ball

I did a post with Suky the other day and then one with Ginger, so I felt guilty for missing out Rosy.  Yesterday I tried to get some pictures of her ..... she was not playing ball at all.

I tried to get this shot of her blurry tail, it was wagging so fast, but the camera simply didn't pick it up.

She peeped round to see if I was still trying ....

... turned briefly round.

... but would not meet my gaze.

She knew exactly what I wanted and I could feel the merriment coming from her :-)

"You can't make me look at you Mum !! "

Although she couldn't resist a peek out of the corner of her eye before turning her back on me again.
Oh well Rosy ... you had your chance at fame.
Sue xx


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Roll Over and Snap Yourself 'cos Rosy ain't gonna oblige!

  3. Lol, a strong willed terrier? whatever next x

  4. Every time our dogs are looking gorgeous and I reach for the camera, they ruin the pose. I have an enormous collection of photos of dogs' bums!

  5. You know what they say... never work with children or animals!

  6. My dog does exactly the same to me when I try to take a photo. Like Rosy, I think she actually enjoys evading me.

  7. Ha ha, she ain't gonna do what she don't wanna do. Funny, I mentioned Rosy in today's post on my Through The Keyhole blog.

  8. I love the corner look in the last photo, brilliant.

  9. There is always one kid who won't cooperate!


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