Saturday, 7 June 2014

Jigsaw Puzzles

As mentioned in a previous post my first love is reading. 
But every now and then I get the urge to do a jigsaw, I find it really relaxing and love doing the edges, luckily Lovely Hubby loves to do the middles so between us we are perfect jigsaw aficionados. 

The words 'Jack Sprat' springs to mind.....

The last 1000 piece puzzle we started took us over a year to almost complete, and then Jason came and re-did it all in a couple of hours .... the shame!!

This one is a lot smaller a mere 250 pieces and I did it all by myself in a hour ..... whoo hoo, now to move onto my 500 piece puzzle.  We have a good reuse for these puzzles which I will tell you all about one day in the future  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. I have not done a jigsaw for years, unless my scrappy patchwork counts. I have a jigsaw roll tucked away somewhere, one of the best gadgets that I have ever bought, after finding that I never lost another piece of a puzzle.

  2. I loved doing puzzles with DGD but now she prefers XBox :( We used to buy them from the jumble for 20p then pass them on the the lady across the road for when her Grandchildren stayed, then they were passed on to someone she worked with. I wonder how many lives one puzzle gets to see in it's lifetime?

  3. Hubby and I did the large version of this, it is utterly completing and so much fun to do.....and you keep seeing so many different things in the picture.

  4. Jigsaws are one of the best and steady sellers at the charity shop where I volunteer.
    I have been tempted but, have little space to do them and always lots of other things to do.
    I don't know why but, I find the circular ones hardest to do.

  5. What lovely, nostalgic image of a farmyard.

    Jigsaws are very good for the brain apparently :-) You and your OH seem to have a good team approach!

  6. I haven't done a jigsaw for years. Don't know if I'd have the patience for it as I'm too fidgety.

    X x

  7. That's one of Mikes favourite past times. Particularly in the winter!

  8. I used to love jigsaws but my cats loved them too...I no longer do jigsaws!
    Jane x

  9. We sell so many jigsaw puzzles at the shop. There are several camping sites & caravan parks nearby & jigsaws great for rainy days. The great thing is we get then donated back !

    All going so well at the shop. Takings up 45% Yes !!! and contracts ready to sign. I love it xx


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