Monday 23 June 2014

And the Winner is .......

I went over to HERE and picked up this number generator thingy, I couldn't figure out how to copy it onto the Blog so I just did what any good blogger does ..... I took a photo.
So the winner of her very own copy of A Little Piece of England by John Jackson is .....
Comment Number 56 - Kay, of the Blog 'Deep in the Cornish Countryside'.
Please could you drop me an email with your address Kay and I'll get the book in the post to one day this week. (I have already emailed you using the address on your Blog.)
Sue xx


  1. Congratulations Kay, hope you had a nice short break Sue.

  2. Microsoft "snipping tool" lets you grab part of what is on the screen, if you need it for the next time

    1. Thank you. I've just had a play with that - brilliant!!

      So now I know ...... NEXT TIME? You mean you want more giveaways ..... Lol ;-)

  3. Congratulations Kay. It is a good read.

  4. Congratulations to Kay!

  5. I'm so excited ... I can't wait to sit in the sunshine and have a good read.
    Thanks you :-) x


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