Monday 16 June 2014

Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb

While we've been concentrating on the hillside, over at the back of the house the Rhubarb patch left to it's own devices was slowly going rampant.  Lovely Hubby spotted how sad it looked, overflowing and desperate for a drink, so he nipped out and had a good chopping session and then gave it all a good water.  It now looks lovely again and there are still lots of stalks waiting to be picked.
One good thing has come about from leaving it alone for a while though, the little Strawberry plants that are in there have been hidden away from the wild birds and from Amber the chicken, who nips over the fence every day to forage for tasty snacks, and so we have a few more Strawberries ripening up in the sunshine that maybe this time we'll get to taste.
Once the rhubarb was washed and chopped I put together a couple of crumbles, using up a couple of sorry looking apples as well from the fruit drawer in the fridge, and the last of the Approved Foods Oaty Crumble mix from the freezer.  I'm going to buy a block of cheap butter and whizz up some of my own to replace it, it's handy to always have some prepared, makes an impromptu pudding or snack much simpler to knock together.
Four trays were filled with the chopped rhubarb and put into the freezer to open freeze for a couple of hours.

A couple of handful were quickly stewed and added to some Scone Mix for a tasty treat for my hard working man.  You should have seen his eyes light up, he thought he was coming in for cup of tea and a biscuit :-)

A couple of hours later I tipped the now frozen rhubarb into a box and stashed it back in the freezer.  So now we have many more tasty snacks to come.
At last something completely homegrown stored away for later.
Linking up to my other Blog, '365 Days - £365' which is also about this Rhubarb today so you can see how my Challenge is doing.
Sue xx 


  1. When I was visiting a friend last week, she gave me an armful of rhubarb to take home. I chopped it up and it's in the freezer waiting to be made into puddings. I usually make crumble but I might try rhubarb fool - my granny used to make it and I loved it.

  2. Unfortunately we have no rhubarb this year. Last year, it looked very sorry for itself (9n a place where it couldn't be fed). This year I intend to dig it up, check its roots are healthy then move it somewhere else, along with some well rotted manure.

  3. Rhubarb and custard last night,rhubarb in porridge this the stuff!
    Jane x

  4. I love rhubarb and especially rhubarb crumble. When I was little we used to ask for some from the neighbour who grew them, she would give us a couple of stalks which we ate raw, dunking them in a saucer of sugar. I'm surprised I have any teeth left.

  5. When I was young my mother used to serve rhubarb as a vegetable side dish for our meals. It was much later after I married that I found it was also used in pies, puddings etc. It looks as if your'e not going to run out of it for a while. Sue

  6. Oh wow I had never thought of freezing rhubarb before thank you for this post. I have a glut of rhubarb at the moment so this weekend I better get busy and pick it all. x

  7. My aunt makes a rhubarb compot & serves with strawberries

  8. I have loads to freeze from the lottie. I also love strawberry and rhubarb jam.

    X x

  9. hi sue,
    wow so many rhubarb. i freeze the rhubarb too. i love rhubarb, i have made a lot of cakes,jams and cordial with the leftovers peel.
    have a nice evening,

  10. i have been stashing away some of our rhubarb, love it in the middle of a cold winter knowing it's out of our garden & cooked up into a warming crumble mmmmmmmm


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