Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Maenan Gardening Club Summer Meal

Monday night was the annual Summer meal of the gardening club that I joined when we moved here to North Wales.  Twice a year we have a meal in the hotel that we use for the meetings, I guess it's the clubs way of saying thank you for the free use of the room we use all year.  Usually we only buy one or two drinks while we have the meetings, so takings can't be that brilliant even though there are 25+ people on the premises.
For this years competition we were challenged to find as many flowers in our gardens as we could and make an arrangement from them.  As a veggie gardener I don't consciously plant flowers except to attract beneficial insects to my veggies or to deter others from coming close, of course I will plant more once Lovely Hubby has his bee hives and I am trying to up the number of my bee friendly plants each and every year to help the little fuzzy buzzy friends that we could not live without.   But even so I was pleasantly surprised to find thirteen different varieties of flowers already in situ and available for picking.

I was really happy with my display, although I knew I wouldn't win with only thirteen different flowers.  The winner had over a hundred and her basket of flowers was beautiful.  Our table came second in the quiz, and the food and wine was enjoyed by everyone.
How my jug usually looks on the table.
It was a really good night out, and now the jug is back home on the table I am luxuriating in having a beautiful display of flowers where usually I simply have a jug of mint.  But the mint will return once the flowers fade as it is a wonderful natural air freshener and is supposed to deter flies and as it grows so rampantly in the front flower bed I do have to keep it under control somehow!!
Sue xx


  1. Beautiful flowers and stunning arrangement even if it wasn't the winner. As my father in law has 10 hives he is always inspecting the garden to see what plants we have or can add to keep the bees happy! We even have hive at the allotment which is fabulous for the fruit and veg.

    X x

  2. Lovely arrangement Sue, its amazing what you can find if you look. Gardening club sounds fun I wish it was a little closer!

  3. You are right about the mint! We inherited it in the rose beds when we bought this house, and it grows rampant. My daughter took some to plant but has it in a pot....a good idea!

  4. Stunning arrangement, very professional. I may try our local gardening club.

  5. Maybe I should try mint by the back door. We live opposite a farm and the flies are horrendous!

  6. Beautiful flowers! And you have an amazing view from your window.

  7. Hi,I'm from India..Loved your blog.Very beautiful pics :)


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