Wednesday 4 June 2014


Words .... they are all over our house.
I was washing the pots last night and started noticing just how many we have accumulated.

Some tell us where we are ....

... some are instructions that need to be followed ... if you don't 'Kiss the Cook' you won't get any tea ;-)

Some tell us to chill out (on the side of the fridge .... haha).

Some are teeny tiny and don't get noticed often.

Others are very important statements of fact!!

Some are there to keep us on the right path.

And some simply sum up the cat's attitude problem perfectly!!

There are lists of things to remember .....


.... and things not to forget.   
Do you ever walk into a room and forget why you went in there, well you're safe in our bathroom then .... unless you simply wanted to use the toilet and you end up climbing in the bath  ;-)
I've always loved words, from being a small child and reading in bed by torchlight, reading all the road signs on any journey in my uncles car. I devoured Enid Blyton books and read them over and over, I knew 'What Katy Did'  .... and what she did next!  I read fairy stories, fables and classics, I loved, loved, loved Robinson Crusoe and then in my teens moved on to horror stories, lying in bed wondering if Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven' would get me.  Having a conversation with my son the other week we were talking about this and he was so knowledgeable I was briefly impressed ... turned out it featured in an episode of 'The Simpsons' oh well at least he knew of it.    I discovered Dylan Thomas and moved onto poetry, both reading and writing and lost myself in a new world.
I still read constantly and love the written word so much.  My only O level was in English Language and one of my first jobs entailed typing and proof reading.  I guess that's why I Blog. I get to put words on 'paper', read them back myself and read other peoples words commenting on mine.
And of course there's the small matter of the collections of books dotted around the house, of which this is only one.
And talking of books, I have a lovely little giveaway for all my Followers in a couple of days ... so watch this space :-)
Sue xx


  1. It's funny how just reading one blog can start something! As soon as I started reading I was glancing around my room looking at things so familiar that you forget they are there. We too are surrounded by words in signs, letters and bookcases of books. I just wish the one in my bedroom had more effect sometimes......sleep.....

  2. Can you imagine being unable to read? I can't as words are everywhere aren't they? Books are a major part of who we are chez Marigold.

  3. Ah yes..reading in bed with a torch……"you will ruin your eyesight" was frequently thrown at me when I was discovered. Mum was wrong though as I didn't need specs until I was about 47/48, which apparently is the average age for people with" normal" eyesight! I loved Enid Blyton, especially Famous 5, Biggles, Just William, and of course Little Women, and the Katy" books to mention just a few…..all from the library in those days. I help out at an Oxfam book shop and never fail to be amazed at the sheer quantity of books for children and teenagers that are around now. I am loving reading about your new home and all the work that you are putting… will be lost when it is all finished! ( though I suppose there will still be maintenance and picking crops/collecting eggs etc)

    1. Hahaha .... it will NEVER 'be all finished'. Yes the infrastructure will eventually, but we have two more phases of building work to do, continual planting and harvesting, and once the infrastructure is all complete the animals will start arriving. I don't think we will EVER run out of things to do. :-)

  4. I've been reading a lot of your words, all the way back to your first post! I can't believe how much work you've done (big EEEEK face)

    Do you decorate and make raised beds in your sleep?

    You have made me laugh and on some occasions cry, so thank you for your words that you put out there for everyone to read and the words of support you leave for others. x

  5. Love all the signs you have around your home. And like so many others have said I also love reading your blog. Reading has been something I have been able to enjoy mores whilst I have been off work. Usually my lot constantly interrupt if they see me with a book, I think they see it as a challenge to get my attention.

    X x

  6. My favourite occupation is to lose myself in a good book. Apparently, once I learned to read, I read everything out loud ALL the time, back of the cereal packet, words on tins, everything.

    When we moved from a bigger house to this smaller one, one of the things that had to go was over 1000 books. Hurt like hell at the time, but I can't say I've missed them. Now, I use the library, get books from the charity shops, read and return them, my friendship group passes them around, etc. So there is still no shortage of books about, just fewer accumulating on non- existent shelves

  7. Oh, me too, I just adore reading and always have......the 'Katy' books and The Secret Garden were my favourites as a child. Words fascinate me - the meaning behind them, where they originated from, who thought them up even. Swear words for example - what makes them so unacceptable, they're only a collection of letters in a certain order after all?! Some of the text-speak used by teens nowadays gets on my using 'his' instead of 'he is', and running two separate words into one (like 'abit'). Using 'of' instead of 'have' (would of, could of etc) is a particular pet hate. Better stop now before I get into a proper rant!!

  8. I've only just discovered Dylan Thomas. I knew of him but have never really explored his work. The recent anniversary events have really sparked my interest.

    Jean x

  9. I love word too and devour books. I especially love my Emma Bridgewater plates that I eat dinner off every night.

    Julie Q

  10. "It's only words.....", ref. Bee Gees song, the rest of the words, won't surface in my brain! lol!
    And.....I'm watching this space!

  11. Not close enough to see what they are, and I NEED to know!

  12. I Loved What Katie did and What Katie did next when I was a child, we have books in every room of our house, all types most read and reread and all loved.

  13. I love reading. Would be lost without a book but I do use my kindle a lot.

  14. I always loved reading and still do. I read What Katy Did and did next etc, Heidi stories (and I've even read them in German), and of course the Enid Blyton books too. Swallows and Amazons, and one of my favourite series of books are the Lorna Hill books, now sadly out of print, apart from a few reprinted by Girls Gone By publishers. They are ballet books and another series with linked characters of ponies and teenagers. I have the whole collection now which took me ages to acquire.

    Funnily enough I did some proof reading too, and did a little bit for Persephone Books.

  15. Oh thank you! Your post just brought back a wonderful memory of reading "What Katy Did Next" when I was a preteen (and rereading too). It made me want to visit Europe when I got older and I did get to do just that! I too went on to major in English in college. Huzzah for words!


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