Sunday, 30 June 2013

Photos of Us - You Have Been Warned!!

You know who this is.
This was us way back when we began our new life in the country and were featured in a farming magazine.
(Aw .... look at the size of Rosy.)
 (photo credit - Lantra)

Away from the farm.

Sleeping off a bad back caused by the farm :-(

My hair is never quite the same colour ....
... but we both look relaxed.
Days out are always wonderful ....... and we always lark around!!

"Oi mate ...what were you and my wife getting up to?"

Dreaming of our forever home ....

.... but ours will be cosier :-)

Windswept and happy.
Thank you for reading my Blog.
Back tomorrow with some of our favourite foods.
Sue xx


  1. I love the second picture of you two surrounded by chickens. You both look so happy :) Hope you're enjoying a lovely getaway!

  2. You look fantastic, relaxed and happy. Have a great time out.

  3. nice to see you to see you nice xx

  4. I love you with the scArecrow, it's so nice to have some photos to look back on. Rosie as a puppy, aah, there's nothing like a wriggling, sniffling puppy.

    Much love

  5. Pleased to see you're getting your leg over, Sue :o)) Nice pics.

  6. I couldn't think of a wittier comment than Meanqueen's so decided not to bother trying!:) Love the pictures!

  7. Lovely pics, you look so relaxed. Hope you are having a great time, x

  8. you both look so happy. and the picture of the bad back the little doggies are joining in!

  9. Great pics, is that Chatsworth?

  10. Fantastic pics. You both look happy and relaxed.

  11. Pictures really ARE worth millions of words ... have a lovely Sunday, Miss Sue.

  12. Great pictures - thanks for sharing

  13. How lovely to see some photographs of you both. Hope you're having a great time x

  14. What lovely photos of you both. Thank you for sharing them, hope you're having a good holiday.

  15. Funny
    You look just as I imagined your would do xx

  16. Oh, so thats what you look like from behind the giant cabbage. Good for you. Im still incognito.


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