Saturday 22 June 2013

Soooo much information ......

There's sooo much information out there at the moment, and I guess it will only get even easier to 'access all areas', but sometimes you have to  be careful of what you read and remember that common sense is the best thing in the world.
I find all sorts of things when I'm whizzing about on the internet, this is lovely (apart from the obvious spelling mistake) ....

..... but this one really made me smile :-)
I wish my Suky was as slim as these Pugs, but she seems to be breathing calorie laden air!!
My little 'barrel' (her new nickname) always sat by my side.
Sue xx


  1. There is a Suky lookalike in our village I always stop to pat... she's a little barrel too !

  2. You are so right. My boys are home educated and the amount of times they say "we'll google it" makes me laugh!

  3. Maybe she's a Puggle..........Pug x Barrel as our Molly the Collie is really a Coral lol x


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