Saturday 29 June 2013

Our Vegetables

Cabbage and carrots.

I managed to string the onions - after a few false starts!

Squash, Cucumber and eggs.

Assorted vegetables.

My favourite ever question mark.
Some of this years radishes from the tin bath.
All homegrown - all delicious.
Back tomorrow with photos of US - you have been warned!!
Sue xx


  1. wow what a haul! and no holes in your cabbage leaves.

  2. I can't believe this haul is this year's crop! I am stunned! Well done to you! :)

  3. Lovely crop of veg. Well done.

  4. Wish my veg looked that good, mine always seem to be full of slug holes. Well done you - I bet they taste fabulous. :o)

  5. Sue I have several packets of seeds which we will not be able to use, would they be any use to you.

    Swede - Marion.

    Parsnip - Hollow Crown.

    Leek - mussleburgh.

    Kale - Nero D Toscana.

    Onion - Ailsa Craig.

    Butternut Squash - Waltham.

    Pumpkin - Hundred Weight.

    Cabbage - Pixie.

    If you send me your address I will post them on to you.

    Silver Sewer.

  6. Wow, what amazing produce, you have done well. I've not got much of anything yet except strawberries, but I think there will broad beans tomorrow. The squash are really early, you must have sown them quite a long time ago I think.

  7. Lovely veggies!

  8. Damn, I am so jealous of your healthy and yummy looking veggies. :)

  9. Wow - what wonderfully scrummy looking veggies. I hope mine do half as well.


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