Monday 10 June 2013

Sun, Work and Spurtles

What a lovely weekend we've had, there was only sunshine on the Saturday but even with the clouds on Sunday it was lovely and warm and perfect for all the jobs we were doing around the place. 
Lovely Hubby had a mammoth tidying up of everywhere outside, all the grass was cut, both with the ride on mower and the large petrol one, edges, verges and outside our main gates were strimmed.  The Ivy and Clematis that cling to the walls of the bungalow were trimmed back a bit so that when we open the windows they don't pop inside.
With so much activity is was vital that we stopped every now and then for sustenance and what better way on a hot sunny afternoon than with a glass of Pimms and a lovely chunky homemade sausage bun.
We usually use a wooden spoon turned upside down to stir the Pimms, but I suddenly thought what a good use for my Spurtle, handmade for me by Ben Orford the last time we went to River Cottage for the Autumn Fair. (See THIS post for more info on that and Spurtles.)   
So it was immediately put to use.
A lovely bonus after a jug of Pimms is all the beautifully alcoholic fruit, and boy do we put a lot of fruit in ours.  This time I used homegrown berries and some orange slices from the freezer and a whole pear from the back of the fridge.  With a dollop of my bargain ice-cream from last week it was absolutely gorgeous for supper last night.
Lovely Hubby is now back in the office and no doubt relieved to be sitting down for a while in front of his computer doing his normal day job after a weekend of hard work.  But as we were saying last night as we sipped from our cans of cider and watched the bonfire burning through all the rubbish and debris of the weekends work ..... it's so rewarding.
Sue xx


  1. Our weather has been cloudy and with a stiff cold wind, more like autumn than summer. It is slightly warmer now as the wind has dropped. Even so, it is difficult to get out in the back garden as a gold finch on a nest is so nervous she flies off every time we go outside. I can't keep not doing jobs so she will either have to learn to sit tight, or not get her chicks born!

  2. Gosh what a dilemma, your garden needs you and her eggs need her :-(

    All you can do is pay absolutely no attention to her and hopefully she will learn to mostly stay put.

  3. We had a 3 day weekend here in Oz (in honour of the Queen's birthday) + one more for me making it 4. Ive had a similar weekend cleaning up around the house, reading, grabbing a few moments of winter sun, visiting friends and a mate for Tom. Goodness, i havent had Pimms since my 20's. I use to love it, especially with apple and cucumber and dry ginger ale etc. I wonder why i still dont. Hmmmm i must do something about that.

  4. We spent all weekend on outside chores...Sunday was glorious , in the upper 20Cs,so we were happy...sweaty,but happy!
    Jane x

  5. You can't beat a glass of Pimms on a hot day. Good for you!

  6. Lucky you sounds like a lovely weekend... we've had it cold and windy, you would never have known we were in June! Today is better still no sun but the wind has dropped so warmer than it has been.

    You've now left me wanting a Pimms.. lol
    Julie x

  7. Sunshine and Pimms makes for the perfect summer evening :) Great idea to use the fruit for pudding too.

  8. There's nothing better after a hard day's graft... sit down with a glass and admire your handiwork.

  9. What a lovely reward for all your hard work.

  10. A lovely jug of Pimms, and some alcoholic fruit - a perfect day I think!


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