Monday 3 June 2013

Replenishing the Tin

Yesterdays car boot sale went well, really well.  We managed to sell most of the things that I had sorted, including lots of books that I had decided to jetisson. 
While I was there I came to the conclusion that there are more books that I can easily let go of ...... my fiction books. Since moving to this house I think I have read one book off these shelves, yes, ONE book in over a year. Why have them all then gathering dust and taking up space. They look nice but they are not serving any other purpose than waiting to be read by someone who has neither the time nor the inclination to read them at the moment.
So before the start of July and our next car boot sale I will be sorting through them all and choosing my favourite twenty titles, the rest will be boxed up and either sold at the car boot sale or dropped off at the Oxfam charity book bank at our local supermarket on the way home as this will most likely be our last car boot sale for this year.
We made a total of £211 from our books, knick knacks and clothes and a surprising £55 from selling food stuffs sorted from the cupboards and including £13 for Chocolate muffins, made from the large bag of Chocolate Sponge Mix bought from Approved Foods last year.
So that's £55 paid back into the tin, it's looking a bit healthier now again.  I am going to sit and work out how much I have to spend in coupons and vouchers and see how little I can take from the tin this month using the vouchers instead to buy any fresh foods we need.  It always feels like a new month is a fresh new start with the £2 House Keeping Challenge, with accounts being tallied, finances checked and inspiration running high again.
We also ate the first food from the tin bath, three lovely tasting radishes (and their leaves) added to the lovely colourful salad we had for tea.

And yes there is some fish on my plate as well as Lovely Hubby's!!
For the last couple of months I have been eating fish as I had been really craving it, so officially I was no longer a Vegetarian but a Pescatarian instead.  I've found it difficult though at times though, and although I do love the taste of most fish I was on the verge of stopping eating it and going back to my completely vegetarian way of eating which suits me so well, I was dithering a bit and then I watched this ....
... and it made my mind up for me completely.  It was popped on Facebook today by my Blogging Buddy Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes and shows the remarkable realisation by a very clever little Portugese toddler where some of his foods come from.  A truly wonderful little clip and well worth a watch.  It is translated into English with subtitles so pull it up on your big screen and sit and watch and be amazed, I was.
My mind is now completely made up and any fish in the freezer will be on Lovely Hubby's plate and NOT on mine :-)
Sue xx


  1. I'm not a vegetarian (and not planning to become one), but that video is one of the cutest things I've ever seen - so lovely. Thanks for sharing it. x

  2. how cute is that boy! Congrats on your car boot sale

  3. What a cute little boy! Ok, you can leave the animals standing up!

  4. Great job replenishing the tin!
    And that simple little video really makes you think, doesn't it??

  5. Congrats on the car boot dale - you did really well! :)


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