Saturday 15 June 2013

Homemade Fresh Basil Pesto

I'm sure lots of you guessed what I would make with the other rampant Basil plant that had overtaken my windowsill. 
It just had to be a lovely jar of Homemade Basil Pesto.  Surely one of my favourite foods for stirring through pasta, dotting on top of pizzas and pasta bakes and even just smeared on a piece of freshly toasted homemade bread.
What could be simpler and more delicious snack or meal to fit in with our current ethos of living and eating more simply.

I keep it all very simple, just equal weights of leaves, nuts and parmesan (I use a veggie version).
Whizz the nuts and parmesan first then add your leaves.

After they have all been blitzed to bits add some seasoning, I use sea salt, black pepper and this time 'Lazy Garlic', because that's what I have at the moment (it's very good by the way).  Then drizzle in slowly your oil, until your pesto is the consistency you want it to be.
Scrape every last bit into a sterilised jar and label and store in the fridge ......

... after first admiring the gorgeous shade of green glistening in the jar.
*** *** * **
And why do I only have 'Lazy Garlic' you might ask .....
.... well last Saturday I planted my last 7 cloves of Garlic as they were starting to look a bit sad.  And already just seven days later I have four nice strong shoots.
This really is the easiest way to get yourself cheap, fresh Garlic.  Buy a nice fresh head from the supermarket or your usual shop use half in your cooking that week and plant the other half of it.   All you have to do is to separate the cloves and put each individual one into it's own pot, as you can see I cheated and put them into one pot but each individual clove is in it's own toilet roll tube so it gets plenty of space for it's own roots to develop.
Once they are bigger they will go into a big pot and sit outdoors, Garlic is so easy to grow.  If you want any more information have a look HERE, but really it is a doddle.
We are having a half work day and a half day out, a little bit of time to our selves after a busy week is all we need to recharge our batteries.   When we get back there will be pasta and pesto for a scrummy and very easy supper.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend .
Sue xx


  1. wow that sounds gorgeous!

  2. Yum Sue ! I just love the smell of fresh sweet basil ... so invigorating.

  3. Mmm, pesto, great tip for adding it to pizza too :)

  4. Lovely. I have a supermarket basil on my kitchen windowsill that needs to be repotted into several clumps. I'm hoping to have enough for pesto eventually.


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