Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cows and Food

This picture from Google Images.
Well this post was going to be about the first lot of shopping I got towards our little holiday at the end of this week and our big decision to have £80 of the money for food and drink, a really big decision for folks that are currently spending as little as possible on food.  But we decided what the heck, it's time for a treat and this holiday weekend is so outside the boundaries of our £2 House Keeping Challenge we may as well go for it BIG style.
But ...... then the cow escaped!!
Yep, you're right we don't keep cows!!
In the paddock on the opposite side of our drive, owned by our neighbours are a lovely group of eight black cows (Lovely Hubby was telling me they were I know I'm right, they are mostly definitely girls ... I've up close and personal!) they belong to a farmer who lives way down nearer to the village. 
Yesterday after cleaning out the henhouse I turned round to be confronted with a very interested cow looking over the chicken fence to see what this rather large rear end was doing poking out from a chicken house door.  She bellowed in the most fetching way as I did the most comedy double-take ever!!
Well lots of phone calls later, as our neighbour was out (waiting to pick his wife up from work and go to the opera no less), including a desperate plea to LH to finish work at 5pm instead of 6pm, one of the other ex neighbours turned up, closely followed by LH and then finally the farmer who owned this magnificent cow.  By this time of course she had gone through our fence and into the woods, much scuffling and bellowing could be heard as she decided that she much preferred our paddock and the tasty apple trees, and attempted an about turn through rather than round the bushes. 
With all of us stood in gaps and looking as big as we possibly could to fill these gaps, (easily done, the diet starts next week folks) we managed to get her on the drive, with the farmer and his brother driving her towards the road and LH running manfully through the field to open the gate we thought the adventure was over, but for a brief bit of dramatic licence the other seven cows in the field were making for the now open gate faster than the lone cow was being driven down the road.  But just as their noses were out of the gate, their sister appeared and they turned and walked meekly back into the field.
And how had she escaped ....... through a kissing gate!!
She had lifted it off it's broken and wobbly hinges and stepped through the gap.  Our neighbour has now asked the farmer to remove the cows from the field as they have eaten our landlords trees over the fence and now had this escape and broke the gate, and he can no longer stand the hassle of wondering what they are about to do next.
I'll miss their lovely velvety faces watching us as we walk along the drive for the post, but someone will miss them more than me - little Suky the Pug!!   The first time she saw them she fell in love, they stood face to face as each one introduced themselves to her and when they started pulling clumps of long grass to chew she followed suit, eager to do what these new friends were doing.  She thought all her prayers had been answered yesterday when one of her friends came to visit, and will be so sad when they all vanish.

Oh and the food we've bought up to now, a bottle of Port, a bottle of wine, 3 pint cans of cider (reduced from £5 to £3 in the whoopsie department) and some other bits and pieces, and I 've spent just under £40.  A few more things need buying that will bring this up to £50 and then the other £30 will be for food and drink while we are away, a coffee of two at the services and maybe some fish and chips one night.  Then we have £50 a day for spends.  It's all in cash, so there will be no flashing of the plastic on this mini holiday, we will stay in our budget, which to us seems positively luxurious.

I even used a bit of my personal spending money to do what is traditional and bought myself a new t shirt and a book to read.  I don't usually do this but this t shirt caught my attention as I walked past and I just love the simple stripes and for £6 it would have been rude to say no :-)
Added in - our neighbour has just knocked and said one cow is missing again, so I better keep my eyes open while I'm out and about, she obviously enjoyed her day of freedom so much yesterday she's decided to repeat it !!
Sue xx


  1. We quite often get visits from the cows on the farm where we live. We had an electric fence put around the veg gardens to keep them out of the but daren't leave the front gates open or there is always the chance of finding a cow or sheep in t he garden on your return.
    Scariest was once meeting a bull in the lane outside the house as I opened my car door one dark night, luckily it was quite placid and easily moved along.
    Enjoy your holiday :)

  2. And who says life in the country is dull? What a lovely story : )
    Enjoy your holiday!

  3. A few years ago we would quite often find an escaped cow in the lane, don't be thinking that by moving to North wales you will be escaping such excitement. Have a good break.

  4. Aww ha ha ha Suky looks adorable. I was laughing right out loud imagining her with those cows being her friends. She is such a cutie pie pug.

  5. Our old neighours cows were forever breaking in to come visit(knock a few things down, dance in the veggy patch,eat our apples etc). We think they knew we are vegan!
    Jane x

  6. Sounds like your holiday will be wonderful!

    I have memories of my grandaddy's cows chasing us through the barn yard. They thought us kids were great fun.

  7. This post really made me chuckle! It reminded me of a family holiday in Devon, we went on a nighttime walk and came face to face with an escaped cow! That was one animal we weren't expecting to see!
    It looks like you've got some lovely treats lined up for your holiday. It's good to see you spoiling yourself a little too :)
    Best wishes.

  8. Ha! I used to love having cows at the bottom of the garden in our last house. It was lovely to watch them over the fence. Until summer, when all the plants grew to within chomping distance..

  9. I so want a pug

    I think one will complete my pack of dogs nicely.... As for loving cows
    All of the terriers of trelawnyd adore sniffing noses with cattle!

  10. You're allowed to have some treats when you are on your holidays. I'll have a glass of Port please :o)

  11. Your cow adventures made me laugh. I do love cows, but I mostly like to be on the other side of the fence from them. How wonderful to live in such a rural spot. Your holiday buys look great, hope you have a fantastic time.


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