Monday, 24 June 2013

Taking time to smell the roses ......

Yes, I know it's not a rose, it's a flower I snapped off by accident while dragging out some nasty bindweed that was endeavouring to  strangle it.  I'm pretty sure it's a Peony, but I'm not a flower gardener, I love growing veggies too much to ever turn into a flower gardener.  In my garden flowers are only there to feed the bees and draw them over to pollinate my fruit trees and tomatoes, but I think they look pretty in situ.
Well anyway it was brought in and given a drink as apology for it's premature demise and now it has opened out to massive proportions, obviously it forgives me !!

Well anyway back to what I was saying about taking time to smell the roses, peonies. 
The cats know when to relax, they just flop down and snooze the day away, just as the dogs do, although the dogs jump up at every opportunity to bark at real or imaginary 'intruders'.  In their eyes any thing that passes be it bird, grasshopper, small plane flying over head or the neighbour minding her own business in her own garden are intruders to their space and needs a good barking at.  But cats, now they really know how to relax.
Archie loves the chair in the living room ....
... but Ginger has recently gone back to his first love, my washing basket.  The minute I put it down he's in there, getting himself comfy as only a cat can in a hard, creaking splintery basket.

When he's not sleeping he sits watching the world go by in his own unique style.
Well it's time for us to stop for a while, we both need a rest, this house search has been going on in earnest since the start of March this year, with weekends spent whizzing up and down motorways to all the corners of the country and all that started just after we were both really poorly with that horrible flu that struck so many folk after Christmas.
Lovely Hubby has been working really hard at work with an average working week of 50 hours plus, and then coming home and spending time on our computer organising searches and surveys, spending time on the phone organising things with our financial people etc etc etc.  I've been keeping this place going and doing as much as is humanly possible to lighten his load and keep the birds, animals and veggie patch ticking over with as little intervention from LH as possible, although being such a good team we do step into each others roles whenever the need arises.
But we've taken a step back and decided now that we think everything's going smoothly for the first time, we are taking four days to ourselves for a mini break and have given ourselves a budget from the house fund of £500.  This has to cover accommodation and everything except fuel.  The farm will be left in safe hands, as will the cats and geese and chickens, but this time the dogs will come with us.  So this week I will be doing everything possible to save us as much money as I can while we are away.  My first job is to plan the menu and get as much of it from the freezers and cupboards as I possible can.
So it's all systems go to find somewhere and plan our time away which will start at the end of this week, it will be all about reading, relaxing and walking and not much else, and as you do once that decision is made you start to wind down in anticipation of time off to come.
Sue xx


  1. I hope you have a lovely break the pair of you.

  2. How fantastic - the planning of a trip like that can be as much fun as actually going!

  3. A much needed break by the sound of it! You time is sometimes exactly whats needed!
    My partner and I have something similar planned for the middle of july - a whole weekend away without the kids!
    I hope you both have a wonderful time and come back with fully recharged batteries!! xx

  4. Have a wonderful time, you thoroughly deserve it. :o)

  5. Well Deserved! Have a fabulous time, look forward to hearing about your trip when you are back. Safe journey Kind regards X

  6. Well, it's nearly a rose. The German for peonies is Pfingstrosen, which literally translates as Whit roses. I've never really noticed them before but they seem to be everywhere this year so I ended up looking it up, which is how I now know that those flowers are peonies. :)

    Hope you find yourselves somewhere lovely for your long weekend and well-deserved break. Enjoy.

  7. I'm so glad you've taken time for yourself, and LH of course. Sometimes, taking a step back gives you the best perspective :) I hope you have a wonderful rest!
    Best wishes.

  8. Hi Sue, Have a super time,, I am not a lover of camping or caravanning ,, and I am married to a real man too,, :-) I adore the little bowl next to the flower with the eggs in ,, :-)

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time. The weather is set fair I think, so all should be lovely. Look forward to hearing all about it.


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