Saturday 8 June 2013

An Offer I Couldn't Refuse !

As a regular Blogger and one that seems to jump from subject to subject, I do get lots of offers of Guest Posts and things to review.  Now I always say no to folks wanting to 'Guest Post', why would they even ask this is my Blog, about our lives, I really don't understand the reasoning behind it.  My Blog is NOT a business, it's not a cash generating thingamajig, it's simply my Blog.
Some of the things I'm asked to review are a bit off the wall too, I don't play with toys, I don't knit or sew or even mention them in my Blog so I am usually pretty baffled with some of the offers, but every now and again someone it seems does actually read the recent Blog posts before emailing me and offering me something to review.
One such offer came way back at the start of May.
A chance to choose anything I wanted from the gardening section of the latest Argos on line catalogue
At first I could think of nothing that I actually needed, true there were lots of things that would have been very nice to have, but I didn't need them, and this is very important for me.  I thought long and hard and finally came up with a list of three things for them to choose between ....
A good quality Fork and Trowel Set
Some good quality waterproof-ish Gardening Gloves.
And a nice pair of Shears.
I was very lucky they sent me all three!!
Now the good folks at Argos have been waiting a while for  this review, because if they want my opinion on something they have to wait until I have given everything a good old work out, and ......  in my very honest opinion everything has been fantastic.  The fork and trowel are nice and strong and more than sturdy enough for everything I have asked of them.
The shears are as their name suggest 'Razorsharp', tackling bushes and nettles etc with gusto.
And my favourite of the three items I was sent to review was ... 

.... the Gardening Gloves.
These are absolutely brilliant.   Being totally honest I would have never paid this much for a pair of gardening gloves they are £20.99.  But they are worth every penny!!
I always wear gloves for gardening in, I'm a bit of a wuss and can't stand to touch creepy crawlies with my bare hands for a start but also I do want to look after my hands, they have to last me a lifetime after all, so for virtually all jobs I wear gloves.  Now in most gloves you can't do the fiddlier things like staking up the tomatoes or handling little seedlings, in these I could.  I also got them pretty wet a couple of times and they were still comfortable to work in when damp and dried out quickly in the sun when I stopped for coffee.
These are my absolute favourite, unfortunately I won't be able to buy them again as when I asked for them I didn't realise that the palms were made with goatskin, a shame but I am steering away from animal products these days.  But as I have these now I will make them last and enjoy using them while I have them
My new toys are not looking quite as clean and new now but they are proving extremely useful and I would like to thank Argos for giving me this opportunity to try out a selection of their products.
Click here to get straight to the special 'Buds 'n' Blooms' gardening section.
Have a good weekend everyone, fingers crossed for some more sunshine for us all so we can enjoy our outside spaces.
Sue xx


  1. Thank you for your honesty. Enjoy your tools.

  2. Great review & great choices !

  3. Excellent choices and I think it is brilliant that you choose carefully about what you needed and found a way to update old ones while creating a well thought out review and I quite agree about guest bloggers too x

  4. I applaud your choices too, as they are the tools I use in the garden all the time too. Winter is starting here though, so not much gardening getting done now.

    Julie Q

  5. I bought a pair of gloves like that 2 years ago. I could not believe I paid $20 for them, but they, like yours, were wonderful -- until they accidentally got taken to the township with a load of landscape brush. *sigh* I still miss them...

  6. Hi, I have just found your lovely blog and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more how the £2 housekeeping challenge works. I am very keen to start something similar and this looks like a really great idea. I love your blog, it's very inspiring.
    Kindest Regards

  7. You're lucky - I was recently asked to go up to London to taste a carrot but gracefully declined! x


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