Thursday 20 June 2013

Why is there always .......

Why is there always ..... one banana that goes like this?
I hate the overly sweet taste of them once the skin has gone black, so really there was only one thing for it ...

... add it to some of the Approved Food Chocolate Sponge mix, only this time I didn't turn it into Muffins, I went for the loaf style cake, because I had a plan ......
... scrumptious, healthy, well it has to be it has fruit in it, dessert.
We've had this two nights running now and totally scrummy it was too.
I'm finally coming to the end of this enormous bag 12.5 kg of chocolately loveliness, (ordered by mistake ... I thought it said 2.5kg) but I will be glad to see the back of it, I'm not that keen on chocolate cake, although in the interests of frugality I have done my best :-)
We worked out the whole bag has kept us in chocolate sponge for over six months and made us a cash profit of £20 up to now, with enough mix to make another 4 dozen Muffins which would bring the profit up to £29.60.  A pretty good purchase!
And it was with this in mind I placed an order with Approved Foods last week and it arrived yesterday.  My Challenge is to make this 'cost neutral' to us by selling off a large part of the order at our next Car Boot Sale.  So I have to go off and do the maths now and see what we want to keep and what we will need to sell to accomplish this.  Knowing how well foodstuffs sold at the last car boot sale it should be achievable. 
As you can see from the receipt I spent a total of £123.03 (including the postage and packing) and managed to get foodstuffs to the value of £502.93 not a bad saving at all and most of the foods I bought this time are either well in date or only just out of date.  I'll let you know how we get on.
I just missed out on being able to get a huge bag of Chocolate Fudge Cake mix when I placed my order but there are lots of other big bags of cake mixes available if you want to do something similar yourself.  You can click on the link on the right hand side bar to get straight to Approved Foods.
I'm off to sit with a calculator now and do the maths, oh well maybe one more cup of coffee first and a little whizz around Blogland before I start.
Sue xx


  1. Funnily enough this morning I made a banana loaf with 2 similar bananas!!

  2. It's amazing what you can do with over ripped bananas. Have you tried freezing them and then whizzing them in a food mixer? The texture is just like ice cream. I sometimes add chocolate chips to the frozen mixture.

    1. I do something similar and turn them into choc ices usually :-)

      See here -

  3. I'd love to see what you bought at Approved Foods. And your banana cake looks delicious, I sometimes let my bananas go patchy just so I can use them in baking!
    Best wishes.

  4. Yes I have to admit that overly ripe banana makes me crave my moms famous banana bread...reminds me I must call her. The chocolate sponge cake looks very yummy too.

  5. Derek Meeds Tin factory , grubby portacabin out on the fen near Boston . Theyre cheaper than approved foods , sell a lot of the same lines and vast quantities of white labelled tinned goods , catering packs, dried food ,etc . Has to be the best kept secret in Lincolnshire. We ate organic baked beans for weeks at 10p a tin

  6. I need Jess here to make her banana loaf as I have brown bananas ! Lovely with yoghurt & fruit too !


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