Sunday 16 June 2013

'Almost Free' Food

It's wonderful getting free food and almost as wonderful getting 'almost free' food.
There's something about spending vouchers that feels like something for nothing, but of course you have to remember that to have 'qualified' for the vouchers at all you have to have spent money in the first place.
This weekend we spend the last of our large clutch of M&S vouchers, we got so many because when Lovely Hubby had his eyes lasered last December we put it all on our M&S credit card, but we only did this knowing that we had the cash to pay it off in it's entirety when the bill pinged into the inbox at the end of the next month.
Still it's been satisfying eating our way through the vouchers.

This time the receipt was tucked safely into my purse so I didn't lose it again and photographed as soon as we got home, I must get into this habit properly.  As you can see (if you click on the photo to enlarge it) we spent £12.50 and as we had £11 in vouchers had only £1.50 to pay in cash from the £2 House Keeping fund.
This month is proving to be a good one for the Housekeeping Tin with £50 going in (through selling food) and only £1 coming out in the first week, this second week has seen no money going in as there will be no more sales of muffins or food until the next car boot at the start of July, but only £6 coming out.
So up to now this month we have spent on shopping,  £7 in cash and in credits, vouchers and Nectar points the grand total of  £67.19.  This feels positively extravagant, and as you can see from the photo we are eating really well on this budget. 
The homegrown crops are now really taking off too, with the radishes in the Tin Bath a good size to eat, we have mixed salad leaves and lots of various herbs.  There are also some good healthy potato plants that have sprouted from potatoes we obviously missed harvesting last year, as I said it's always nice to get free food, whether you are getting it from vouchers and points earned or a missed harvest.
Sue xx


  1. We need to eat lettuce every day for now as all my seedlings went from nothing to fully grown almost overnight. I still have some newly sown ones as well, that will need planting out in a couple of weeks!

  2. There is something very pleasing about using up vouchers !

  3. Yes, I agree spending vouchers is very satisfying. I spent my £11.44 of vouchers yesterday in the Co-op :o)
    Rose H

  4. I love having vouchers to use, I like going to the supermarket at the end of the day and getting massively reduced foods very cheap too. I got some good hauls. Including half a melon for 9p!

  5. Wonderful, well done on sorting out the vouchers. We've got lots of lettuces and (very large) radishes to be eaten at the moment, as well as asparagus from the allotment, which is such a luxury. I must remember to sow some more lettuces now though, it sometimes slips my mind.

  6. Now that I am almost back to normal life I shall get back on track with the spending. I have missed a few coupon offers and it was quite upsetting to find they are now out of date and quite useless. To make up for it I am going to have a shopping at home week and see how far I can stretch the items in my cupboards.

  7. Very satisfying... I've never been one to collect vouchers but think it's time I started paying attention to them!


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