Monday, 1 July 2013

Our Food

Homemade Scones with Homemade Jam
I had to start a foodie post off with Lovely Hubby's absolute favourite thing in the whole wide world (well Scones and Steak I guess would be joint top).
Homemade Bread with Homemade Pickled Onions

Homemade Pesto

Homegrown Veggies prepped for the freezer.

Homegrown Basils, Red and Green, and home produced Eggs

More bread .... can you ever have enough homemade bread?

Simple meals with home produced ingredients.

You can't get a much simpler or tastier meal than homegrown New Potatoes with homemade Mayonnaise.

The ultimate convenience food.  It comes in it's own biodegradable wrapping!!

Storing the freshness of Summer for the dark months ahead.

Hungry tummy, empty fridge, wrap what you do have in pastry and it's doubly filling.

Homemade Herby Quiche with our own New Potatoes and Chives

The simplest of Omelettes, filled with herbs from the garden.

In a hurry for breakfast - 4 minutes and it's on the table!!
This is our sort of food, the sort we can produce ourselves, organically grown, harvested minutes before it's needed and yards from the back door, and then cooked simply so the flavours can speak for themselves.
  Simple living at it's best.
Our kind of living.
Sue xx


  1. homemade hello to you dear Sue, wishing you a happy July filled with sunshine

  2. Brilliant! happy summer blessings xx

  3. Lovely Sue.. doesn't get much better then that :o)

  4. Wow, those scones are whoppers! It all looks so good, well done!

    1. Haha...they ARE a bit big aren't they :-)

  5. Oh NO! WHY did I read this post when I still have 2 hours to go until lunch?!!!

  6. Oh Yum, Oh Yum. My sort of food, wholesome, tasty and you know exactly what went into it.
    I have to go now and make some hery cheese scones.

  7. It looks like you have been extremely busy, I love the look of your scones.

  8. are you sure you aren't called Tom and Barbara? Love it. Aspiring to this level of self sufficiency! Feel spurred on. Thanks.

  9. I need to embrace growing food, it's so dry here and the soil is awful, oh and I'm selling up - looking forward to having a more veg friendly garden

  10. Wow, that all looks wonderful. I do love homegrown veggies, they always seem so luxurious. The scones are my oldest's favourite too. We had the most delicious strawberry jam last year, and he really likes to have clotted cream as well. You have inspired me to have a go at some pesto and to make another quiche - lovely.

  11. Yum! Everything looks wonderful!

  12. Your photo's have made me hungry!

  13. It all looks delicious, I love the look of those scones I wish mine looked like that as they're usually taller on one side than the other! And you're right you can never have too much homemade bread.


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