Thursday 18 July 2013

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

We were lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from Ecover to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and we decided to go last Saturday. 
The weather was wonderful, the hottest day of the year so far.
The gardens displays were amazing, especially the Ecover one itself.
It won both a Gold Medal and Best in Show. 
 The colours were just as I like a garden, soft beautiful and calming to the eye, and the plastic bottle tops and components simply added to the natural look of everything else.  Sheer genius. 
The other displays were good too.
Wilderness tamed.

Lovely Hubby's favourite, my man loves a splash of orange.

The £7,000 garden, LH could be heard muttering under his breath, "I could do better for that sort of money" for ages afterwards...Lol.
They shouldn't have told him how much it cost!!
This guy had the right idea on such a hot day, a lady jumped under the shower fully clothed a few minutes later .... she just couldn't resist.
What to do with your old fridges ....

... thought provoking ....

... but I don't think it will catch on.

Lots of folk found this one very strange, the guy was connected to his plants with tubing, them breathing his Co2 and him their oxygen, he must have been soooo hot with his mask on.

Not my cup of tea, but it stood out nicely amongst all the others.

It looks like driftwood, and indeed the original was, but this lovely horse was made of brass.

Wire ladies enjoying the sun.

I don't know where the breeze came from to blow her hair like that ....

.... but her friends was going in the opposite direction!

Simple and beautiful, I'd love a little corner like this at our new house.
Lots of lovely gardens, some inspiration, a little bit of purchasing and a rather large glass of Pimms, it was a wonderful day.   Thank you to the folks at Ecover for my complimentary tickets. 
We had a brilliant time.
Sue xx


  1. Lovely Sue.
    When we lived nearer we used to go to Hampton Court every year. I miss it.
    Glad you had a good day.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day. I like that little table for two that you admired. Not so sure of the more 'modern' designs though.

  3. My favourite is 'wilderness tamed'....7000 pounds for that garden??????
    Jane x

    1. Haha.... you sailors, obviously you have no idea how expensive it can be to have a 'posh' garden built from scratch, you're all as bad as each other !!

    2. You could buy a frigate for that!!
      Jane x

  4. Ah! We were there on Saturday too. Had to get out of the house after The Guinea Pig Incident.
    Thought the Grand-children might not be that enthused but they enjoyed their visit. Plenty to entertain and free entry for kids.
    Was disappointed in the 2 BBC programmes about The Show. They didn't exactly inspire.
    However, your pix Sue are lovely.

  5. I couldn't live with the orange.. But the horse I liked

  6. Oh how lovely. I'm determined to get to a flower show one day !

  7. Beautiful pictures, I saw some on the TV at work and it looked amazing, glad you had a good time with plenty of inspiration to bring home.


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