Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Back Home and with a New Toy

We got back home late yesterday afternoon and immediately got stuck back into our world. 
It's always nice to get away but it's just as good to come home refreshed and raring to go.  The strawberry plants had gone into mass production while we were away and there were all these lovely ripe strawberries just ready for picking.

The chickens had been laying their little hearts out too and we had all these eggs plus a couple of extras that the dogs were treated to last night for their tea.
We didn't take many photos while we were away, this one of the dogs out on a walk with us ....
... one of Lovely Hubby's  breakfast one morning, we had the same each day I just missed out the bacon on mine.  We obviously brought our own eggs with us and we even took our own poaching pan away with us, as we have suddenly become addicted to poached eggs instead of our normal favourite of scrambled,  always nice to have a change every now and then, no doubt we'll change back soon.

All over the camp site and along the river bank that runs through it were the sweetest little families of ducks so I had to get a photo of one of them.   This lovely girl only had two chicks, another had her hands really full with around ten, it was hard to count them as they were all dashing about.  One mummy duck had the most unusual little brood two fluffy brown ducklings like the ones above and two snow white ones, they were absolutely adorable.
One of the reasons for so few pictures is that for a while now I have been struggling with my digital camera, the zoom lens refuses to come out without a downward snap of the wrist tap of the front of the camera and just recently the shutter has been refusing to open as well.  So when we got to the end of the week and we had barely spent any of our money, only a new CD each, a single drink each in the local pub and a book at the charity shop, that was me did you guess :-) , the decision was made to treat ourselves to a brand new camera.  As luck would have it the one I decided on was reduced from £129.99 to £99.99, I just have to learn how to use it now.  It's very similar to my old one just more up to date, with less buttons and obvious controls, so I have to upload the instructions disc onto the computer and get stuck in.
We actually bought it from Sainsbury's while we were there visiting my younger son who has worked there since finishing university and luckily one of his housemates, who also works there is the electronics whizz kid for that department, so a bit of good advice and we were off spending our hard earned cash on something that is truly useful and a brilliant souvenir of a good holiday.  Now I just have to practice with it, and I'm sure you will see the results of my labour on here in a couple of days time.
Thank you for all the brilliant comments on the picture posts that loaded while we were away, I had great fun reading them last night.  Some of the pictures were taken from our archives, so don't worry if your veggies are not as abundant as the ones in the Vegetable post, neither are all of mine.
Although I am  very happy to say that I have lots of lovely little baby yellow courgettes, so sweet and tiny at the moment, but no doubt there will be a bit of a glut in the next few weeks.  Courgette recipes here I come.
Sue xx



  1. I'm glad you had a good time, I am also looking forward to the courgette harvest. Mine have just started to produce.

  2. I do like a nice new camera.Glad you had a nice break away.

  3. Glad you had a lovely time and have a shiney new camera as a souvenier. I love the was youve graduated the colour on your eggs. Bravo on the courgettes, I have been told that they should be picked every couple of days unless you want them to turn into marrows. :o)

  4. Strawberries, what a lovely thing to come home too. Welcome back!

  5. I order poached eggs when on holiday as never make them at home !

  6. So glad to hear you had such a lovely time on your break. Thank you for sharing such a sweet picture of Mummy Duck :)
    Ooh, have fun playing with your new camera. Good for you for spending wisely.
    Best wishes.

  7. What kind of camera did you get? The zoom on the following pics is terrific and I'm in the market for a new one at this point... Enjoy yours. :-D

    1. I got a 'Lumix' digital camera (Panasonic DMC-SZ3). Sorry I'm not very technical minded I just point and zoom in, or occasional just point and then edit later. It cost £99.99 on special offer from £129.99, I'm always happy with a bargain :-) (and Nectar points too).

      It is really good although the camera's own memory was pants. I had to buy a decent memory card for an extra £26.99 the week after I bought it OUCH!!


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