Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mixed Reading and Bob the Street Cat

I have a mix of books in my current reading pile.
I'm halfway through this one, it's the wonderful tale of Neil Ansell who lived for five years full time in the Welsh hills in a cottage minus all mod cons and really got in tune with nature.  It's fascinating reading, so relaxing and really gets me in the mood to get back to basics.
Waiting in the wings is this book, it's just arrived after a Blogging Buddies recommendation and I am itching to dip in.
Also just arrived from Amazon for me is the middle book out of these three.  I read the first one when we were on holiday in Guernsey last year and left it in the hotel for the next guest to read but I shouldn't have I really wanted to read it again so I bought another copy when it came down in price.  The book on the right is an easy to read shorter version of the first, lovely for children who are good readers. 
The story of Bob (and James) is such a very special one, he is everywhere at the moment as this second book is just out and they, yes Bob goes too, are touring the Uk signing books.
I am following their progress avidly.  Bob's paw print is added to James' signature on every signed book.  James had a special stamp made of Bob's paw so he doesn't have to physically do each one.

They even popped up on QVC the other day with a brilliant interview.
A mini documentary about James and Bob.
Can you tell I love the whole story, as do millions of other folk.
All the books I have listed here are available from Amazon and I have moved my Link Box up on the sidebar in case you want to nip over and have a look at the books and the reviews they have got from other folk.
Lovely Hubby picked me a rose from the garden last night ...
... isn't it gorgeous and isn't he lovely :-)
Sue xx


  1. I lovedthe Neil Ansell book and wanted to know more - the book was too short! I've borrowed it twice from the library and then put it on my Amazon wish list as a hint to the children, but I'm still waiting!

  2. The rose is beautiful. It only takes little things doesn't it? What a sweetheart!

  3. Thanks for sharing the video. Going to look up the book now on Amazon.

  4. What an incredible story. A friend has seen Bob & Neil at Covent Garden.

    When we were staying on Mull, I noticed a Huge orange cat. Then I learned it is Tobomory Cat & there is a book about him !

  5. I enjoyed Bobs book, it did make me smile.

    Julie and poppy Q


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