Saturday, 6 July 2013

Getting to Grips with my New Camera

It's a rare event to get our two cats sat so close together and enjoying each others company, after all they are both adult cats and have only known each other and lived together for just over a year.  Archie is ours, and has moved house with us many times and Ginger is our landlords children's cat.  We said we would look after him while we lived in this house and he has fitted into the family really well.  I think most animals will learn to get along with each other if you give them time and space to do it in their own way.
They are both very individual and solitary cats but have discovered recently that when they hunt together they are very effective, this has obviously forged a bond between them which is lovely to see. (Although not so  lovely for the wildlife.)

I was this far away when I saw them sat relaxing on the grass, so I decided to give my camera a try out, I was pretty happy with the zooming capabilities of it
I had a go through glass with the dogs too, relaxing on their mat on the patio yesterday afternoon, this shot is taken  from inside the house with me standing at the kitchen sink ....
... then I zoomed in a little bit .....
... and then a little bit more. 
Yes, Suky is falling asleep with a dog chew in her mouth.  How else are you to stop your sister from pinching it the minute you nod off!!
We have spent today pottering about doing this and that, tidying up outside and weeding for Lovely Hubby and making 48 Chocolate Muffins to sell tomorrow for me, along with a final sort out of our 'clutter' and then loading the truck ready to go.  We have no time to load in the morning we have to be away for 6.15am. 
No Sunday morning lie in for us then.  :-(
I'll let you know how we get on in Monday's Blog post.
Sue xx.


  1. Suky is a lady after my own heart, I shared a bedroom with my sister as a child. Turn your back for one minute..... Love the pics of your dogs, cats are lovely too, I'm just a doggy person

  2. Best of luck with the carboot sale, you've definitely got the weather for it! Lovely pictures too, the camera was a brilliant investment.
    Best wishes.

  3. Cats are odd - our two neutered males have lived together for nearly 10 years, and still give each other a very wide berth - except at feeding time, where they will stand side by side eating, then the first one to finish backs away and runs off!

    Lovely piccie of Suky - anyone got a light?

  4. Great fun playing with your new toy !


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