Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Good Girl

My Good Girl - Rosy.
Why is she a good girl I hear you ask, because last night she caught one of these ....

... and when Mum told her to 'Leave It' ...... she did, and it had the chance to scamper back into the bushes and hide.
This was the first time I have ever seen a badger close up and alive, although I've seen lots by the side of the road sadly squished by cars.  It must have been a reasonably young one as it was a shade smaller than Rosy and perhaps had wandered a bit too far in the dusk of the early evening as it trotted along in the bushes by the side of our drive. 
It's always nice to know that when push comes to shove the training you do with your dog pays off, and no doubt my little badger friend thinks so too.
Rosy is no angel all the time and I'm sure she was thinking how very tasty this might have been. 
She did try to go back down the track to find her 'takeaway supper' but a stern 'Come' and she came trotting back to the house with us, while Little Master Badger no doubt set off for home, relieved to be able to get back to his family and recount the tale of the strange creature that had him by the throat and let go for no apparent reason.
Sue xx


  1. Well done you for good dog-training.
    At the weekend my grand-childrens' Guinea Pig wasn't so lucky as the badger when it was attacked by a neighbour's dog.
    The poor thing was taken to the vet but it was 'Goodnight Mr Guinea Pig'. The grand-children were so upset the vet waived his fee.
    So well done the vet as well.

  2. Aw...poor Mr Guinea Pig, we take such responsibility for little lives when we have animals don't we. Nice vet to waive his fee, I hope your grand-children get over this, but it's a good lesson for children this world of life and death in miniature.

  3. She was lucky
    Bad tempered badgers can kill a small dog
    Terrier or not!

    1. She had it firmly by the throat and it would have turned into a nasty fight if she hadn't done exactly as she was told, either one of them could have been badly hurt.

    2. I didn't know that badgers were bad tempered,John. Thank God Rosie didn't test this one out. Sue

    3. They are known to be very bad tempered, but I suppose they are all individuals like any creature (or us). Luckily I think Rosy had the element of surprise on this one, but it was only a young badger, it had no doubt roamed a little bit too far from the Sett and the rest of it's family on this occasion. We know where the Setts are but this information can't be mentioned for obvious reasons.

  4. Good girl indeed, you must be a proud Mummy!
    Jane x

  5. Lucky terriers are quick , as badgers are tough ...very tough. Good girl to mind your mum.

  6. My dog did a similar thing yesterday. He loves to chase any cats that may be around and at work there is a family of stray cats which he sometimes spots, then gets into serious trouble for chasing them. Yesterday we got out of the car and he just stood and watched as this grey cat streaked out of the bushes. He must have decided the telling off was not worth a few seconds fun - well that is what I believe.

  7. They are both gorgeous. Not together though!

  8. Well done Rosie. I think Dillon would have stood still a tad confused !

  9. I'm so pleased that your hard work training paid off :)
    Rose H

  10. Whata lovely girl. We have always had Russell's and she has the cheeky, determined face that looks cute but usually does what it wants anyway! That's what ours have always been like. I love the tongue on the nose picture.
    When we had three, two boys and a girl, they would grab the post and totally rip it to shreds and look so pleased at their "kill". The postman refused to deliver to us eventually. Your girlie is good to come back, well done for training her so well.


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