Thursday 25 July 2013

Everything's Food .....

Everything seems food related at the moment .....  mmmmm biscuits!!

I haven't had an alcoholic drink in over a week ......

This is soooooo true!!
It used to, but I had my first cup of coffee since the weekend last night, and do you know what it wasn't that good!!
Don't throw the apple ..... pass it to me ....chomp, chomp, chomp.

Mmmm ......Lovely :-)
 So true!!
I've not been in or to a MacDonald's for years, I cannot honestly remember the last time I crossed their threshold.  We used to take the boys for birthday 'treats' or once during school holidays.  Now it seems to be normal to go weekly or even more, not good in my opinion.
I guess everything seems to be food related at the moment because nothing solid, except a couple of little celery sticks that I use for stirring my juices, has crossed my lips since Sunday night.  But we're doing well, really well, Lovely Hubby caved in again last night and had another banana, but I've been amazingly good and feel on top form.  Tonight will be the first time we eat anything solid as we are just starting to move to juices during the day and an evening meal or at least one meal a day and the rest of the time juices.
The meals will be focused around vegetables with a small amount of light protein, fish, chicken and eggs for me ... and do you know now I've typed this I'm really looking forward to it tonight. 
I have started a Blog about our Juicing but it's not public at the moment, I really didn't know if anyone would be interested .... or if we would even last a full week, but we have almost and I'm so pleased.  So if you are interested and would like to have a peek let me know and I'll 'bite the bullet' and open it up to public viewing.
Sue xx


  1. I had a long, dreadful, look at myself in a bank of mirrors and from all sides I was horrified. I can not go the juice route as I need lots of fibre so I am eating what you are drinking. This will be my third day and I have not noticed any change but it is early days. I am 5'5" and have a very small part of my size 12 wardrobe that fits. 2 years ago a size 10 was comfortable on me, and that is my goal.

  2. I had a good smile at the pictures, particularly the men & woman and coffee ones!:D The only time I haven't drank coffee is during my pregnancies, but afterwards, I couldn't wait until I could get my first cuppa.

    It sounds like you're both enjoying the juicing diet and your doing very well - enjoy your meal this evening!

  3. In common with a good many other Londoners, I stopped my (even then very occasional) visits to McDonalds when the news broke some years ago about the support they had given the IRA during the time of the London Bombings in the 1980's. I've never been back since, and still feel as strongly now about it as I did then. That sort of food is fine as an occasional treat - but it's no longer a treat for children is it, it's just somewhere they eat. :-/

  4. Love the pictures! they really made me smile :-) Not sure if juicing would be any good for me as I have Crohns and have to be careful, but I love the idea of all those unadulterated yummy drinks full of vitamins. No wonder you are feeling great. Well Done for lasting the week. x

  5. I would be interested in your juice blog Sue, it might just inspire others including me to give it a go!

  6. I'd love to have a look at the juicing blog, Sue - well done for sticking with it so far, and good luck as you go on !

  7. Another one who wants to see your juice blog. Today is day 1 of my 7 days. So far so good but getting a headache now.

    Are you using supplements like spirulina and the probiotics in your juices and smoothies?

  8. I'd be really interested in your juicing blog, love to cheer you on and pass on any tips to my boss who was really touched by the programme too and is trying his hardest to change his diet :)

  9. I would love to read your juicing blog Sue, it might encourage me to try more of them.
    Deb x

  10. I would give juicing a try , if I had someone to do it with me and sort of guide me into it ,, and well done to your hubby (and you) but I know for a fact my hubby would not even try ,, I would not know what to put with what and I think I would also miss eating something solid ,, but would give it a go ,, well done Sue


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