Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sorry Mrs Blackbird ...


Sorry Mrs Blackbird .... I noticed the Redcurrants glistening like jewels on the bush in the Veggie Patch, and I spotted that you had been sampling them, and most likely took some home for your babies too
I hope they had a lovely breakfast yesterday, but today they are mine. 
Little pockets of goodness that we need for our health.  I really do hope you had your fill, but in case you didn't or in case you had promised your little darlings another breakfast of bright red loveliness I decided all dropped redcurrants would be left behind for you to gather. 
 Last year you ate them all, stealing them away overnight whilst I slept in my bed dreaming of my pickings the following morning. Perhaps you will remember my generosity next year if you visit before me again and save me some ...

.... or perhaps you won't.

My harvest at 10am yesterday morning.

I said I was sorry to the little caterpillars too, they had a wash and were underwater for a good ten minutes before they were spotted, but they were still alive and were relocated to the bushes outside the backdoor.
Washing the Redcurrants made me notice my purple finger nail.  Yes my life is all excitement and colour, I had just finished spraying the chicken's sore bits with antiseptic (it has a harmless purple stain in it so you can see you have got it in the right place on the bird), my finger is still purple today, that'll teach me not to put my gloves on until the last minute.
The Redcurrants all washed and ready for the freezer, the leaves are for arty farty purposes and were removed at the last minute, the lovely heart shape at the top of the post happened almost by itself when I was drying the Redcurrants and was helped simply by a finger drawing down the middle section slightly.
Who said I didn't have an artistic streak :-)
I've also got a brand new keyboard for my computer, so gone will be the weird words I spot when I look up and find I have called you 'yo' and joined words together because my space bar refuses to do a space.  The inane drivvle will still spill forth, but at least it should be spelt correctly!!
I'm off to do a spot of planting out before the heat of the day slows me down to a standstill, this weather is wonderful, but I am seriously considering a little rain dance to encourage the heavens to open and give all the plants a really good water.  I even had to bite the bullet and top up the pond yesterday.   The level was seriously low and the fish hadn't been seen for days, so for two hours water ran through our water meter at an alarming rate.  But it was worth it .... when I went to check things later the fish were swimming again and the little pond had erupted into life.
Sue xx


  1. I eat my redcurrants straight off the bush, but then I don't have as many as you.

  2. Now don't they look delicious?! Mrs Blackbird shall never forgive you.

  3. Meanqueen - I bet you had more than us - we've had 6 so far!!

  4. Still waiting for them to be red here, but enjoying lots of raspberries.

  5. I love your redcurrant art - its very...... artistic! lol. Gosh, that does sound like fun. Picking berries. I dont have any yet but we will see if in the future, i too can have a conversation with the birds and worry about their breakfast.

  6. Our currants hadn't even had a chance to ripen before they'd been swiped by predators unknown! Being inside the chicken run I thought they would be safe, but alas not.

    1. Are you sure it's not your chickens, my unruly lot would do ANYTHING to get their greedy little beaks on my fruit!!

  7. Love your red currant heart :)
    By coincidence me and Jake were foraging red and white currants down the lane today. Plenty left for the birds though :)

  8. ummm they look very tasty for you & Mrs Blackbird !


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