Friday, 15 February 2013

Wow...what a meal !!

While Lovely Hubby trawled the aisles of Sainsb*rys for inspiration, food and alcohol I set to and laid the table ready for my surprise meal.  Trying to second guess the menu I laid out starter, main course and dessert cutlery and a few little chocolatey nibbles in case there was still room in little tummies by the end.
Once he arrived home I was banished to the living room with strict instructions NOT to enter the kitchen.  A menu was typed out and then the sounds of manic chopping soon filled the air, realising how dark it was getting I applied for special dispensation to walk through the kitchen to get to the utility room to get my coat and wellies on to go and close up the henhouses for the night.  Eyes neatly averted I did my best not to peek although the urge was strong :-)
I tried my best not to notice that my kitchen was turning into a battleground and the veggies were most definitely coming off in second place. With the birds safely tucked up for the night and the dogs briefly walked for 'relief' purposes, I was immediately sent back to the living room and my new favourite programme, very appropriate under the circumstances 'Come Dine with Me' !!
After an hour or so of delicious relaxing I was summoned to the table and presented with the above menu.
There are no photos of the first course - the Sunshine Salad, to quote the menu, 'a delicious blend of textures, tastes and colours'.  And indeed it was, Lovely Hubby had managed to cover every colour spectrum in available vegetables and salad stuff all on one plate and what a large plateful that was, needless to say the majority of it now resides in tubs in the fridge ready to be transformed into many, many more meals :-)
The main course - Veggie Bake,  to quote the menu - 'Baked Veggies covered in Goat's Cheese' was wonderful, topped with his very own just made breadcrumbs, this man of mine had thought of everything. 
Deliciously lovely with soft, cooked to perfection vegetables and a lovely crispy topping. A masterpiece of a main course (he even remembered to check that the cheese was vegetarian friendly - lovely man).
Now on the menu the dessert was described as, 'Soft swirled icecream covered in lashings of caramel and chocolate', my mind raced and my taste buds could hardly wait for this masterpiece of a dessert, had he spent minutes, nay hours swirling arranging, designing and concocting a dish of icecream so heavenly soft that the experience would leave me in raptures of heavenly delight .....
..... nope, he'd bought me a Magnum!!
Haha....delicious....but what a swizz!!
It was a lovely evening with perhaps slightly too much wine being consumed on what was after all a 'school night', and in the true style of 'Come Dine with Me' tonight the tables are turned and it is my go to make a three course meal for the pair of us. One thing is sure I have no need to peruse the aisles of Sainsb*rys for my ingredients, I have a fridge full of leftovers at my disposal. 
A wonderful night - thank you to my Lovely Hubby and best of all - considering that he used just about every utensil, pot and pan in the house........he even did all the washing up.
What more can I ask of my own special Valentine.
Sue xx 


  1. The washing up is so often the best bit when they've cooked! Why is it that we can cook a meal using just the bare necessities, yet the men in our lives have to dirty the entire kitchen?! Glad it was a lovely meal, and yay for leftovers!

  2. What a lovely hubby you have :)


  3. What a fabulous evening. It sounds like you were thoroughly spoilt.

  4. How lovely! That's the sort of dessert my husband would get me too lol :)

  5. Chris tends to use all the available pots,pans,bowls and utensils too. I can't bear to look when Chris has been in the kitchen!
    Jane x

  6. I'm glad you had such an enjoyable evening.

  7. That sounds a great evening! Wish my DB would do such things occasionally. We dispensed with Valentines gifts this year. I cooked a meal of lamb shanks, mash and veggies for us, instead.

  8. My husband cooks like that using every pot and pan. I try and use as few as possible and wash as I go so that after dinner there is hardly anything to wash. Sounds lovely!

  9. Come Dine With Me... but make sure you bring LH too!!

  10. On a bad day
    I would kill my mother for a magnum

  11. What a lovely man! Cooking and cleaning up as well, AND a magnum! You are definitely one very loved lady :)
    Judy xx

  12. How sweet ...your hubby ...and the magnum! Yum

  13. Haha I love the pudding! :)


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