Monday, 18 February 2013

Blogland ..... a wonderful place.

Blogland a wonderful place full of wonderful people, and sometimes some of them get together and do something truly lovely, something truly remarkable.
This morning I clicked onto Elaine's blog Ted and Bunny, drawn over by the picture of 'Love Me Ted', and was drawn into the saddest of moments, but the saddest of moments that were made that little bit better by peoples reactions to them and the love that is found in Blogland and the artistic community that dwells here.  Go to Elaine's now and read for yourself.
I won't tell the tale, I don't know the lovely lady it's about so I don't feel I have the right to, but knowing I have my soul mate safe and sound and that she has lost hers I can feel her pain, I can imagine the devastation in her life at the moment, and I can put myself in her shoes. Far better for you to visit her post at The Middle of Nowhere and read it for yourself.
Together in Blogland we can sometimes
and when we pull together it's truly magical.
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Linking also to the 'Funds for Gretel' raffle fundraising page, where you can buy your tickets and really help.
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The Blog post I was going to do today will be done tomorrow instead, this is so much more important.
Thank you for reading.
Sue xx


  1. Blimey Sue that is awfully sad reading. There for the grace of god. I shall be making a donation

  2. I have been online friends with Gretel for some years - she is the kindest, warmest, most generous of people. It has been wonderful to see the response to the appeal for help for her.

  3. I haven't read Elain's post yet but I know what you are talking about x

  4. I hope that we can harness the power of the internet in a really positive way. And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

    Pomona x


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