Tuesday 5 February 2013

The Year of Less - Make-Up

Now don't get me wrong I don't go out to feed the chickens wearing lots of make up and have suddenly decided to ditch it all in favour of the 'natural look', I wonder if they'd even notice!  I don't wear much make up at all these days, a bit of clear mascara and a touch of powder is usually enough to make me feel like I've at least made an effort if I'm nipping to the shops, here on the farm it's simply moisturiser with a SPF each day and a dab of lip balm.
Of course if we're going out together I make a little bit more of an effort with some foundation and a touch of black mascara and maybe even a dab or two of eyeliner :-)
The main reason for me ditching the make up over the years is my super sensitive skin, I'm very allergic to perfume and products containing perfume so when I find something that I can tolerate I stick with it for good.
So as part of Our Year of Less one of the smaller areas I decided to do (on a whim this morning, like you do) was my make-up bag.  It started out with fourteen items, some of which I had gotten free when I bought my last mascaras and foundation from Boots.
So now I am down to just seven items, two of which are hardware, tweezers and a pencil sharpener.
It's funny how sorting out and simplifying something like this still makes you feel like you've accomplished something really worthwhile and makes you feel lighter.  So now the make up that has been jettisoned has been added to the Car Boot stash ready for the first car boot of the season in May and added to the list that is growing on my '365 Going, Going, Gone - Less Stuff' page.
Are you managing to live with less of anything that you used to think was important?
Sue xx


  1. Like you, I rarely wear make up except when going out.Every day I apply moisturiser and a little lipstick as blusher (I'm always very pale). If I go out (very rare occasion), I'll add a little eye liner and eyebrow pencil as my eyebrows are disappearing at the ends!

  2. I react to most things that you can put on your face so I just don't - apart from moisturiser and lip balm. I once reacted so badly to something that my whole face swelled up so much that I couldn't open my mouth to get any liquid in let alone food. And I couldn't open my eyes either. And I was looking after a toddler and a baby... So I just don't try any more. Moisturiser gets patch tested several times before I'll put it near my face. However, I discovered that I CAN cope with Aldi moisturiser at £1.99 : ) And just think how much money I don't spend each year because I don't buy makeup : )

  3. I've been doing this too Sue...and seeing what I can make myself as well. Have you ever had a look at the ingredients of some cosmetics before? It can be another motivating factor for people wanting to clean out their make-up bag!

  4. Hello Sue, looks like there are lots of us doing the same thing - I've never been a big user of make-up - like you I have ridiculously sensitive skin and if I'm honest, I've never really mastered getting the stuff on very well. I seem to achieve the 'punched in the eyes' look, whatever I start out to do. I pared down my make-up kit the last time we went camping and have lived with it like that ever since.

  5. I developed an allergy to mascara a number of years ago so that was jettisoned from the toiletry bag back then also. I have found that the older I get the less I use (I don't like the mutton dressed up as lam look!!lol. Goats Milk facial lotion and body buttersare a daily thing, foundation to add colour to this fair freckled skin only when I really have to (going out which isn't often). And my skin feels so much better for the lack of make up!

  6. This is one thing I need to add to my "Simplify it" plan I think - I did have a clear out a while back but there still seems to be a lot of stuff that I never use. having spent two years as an AVON rep didn't help!

  7. I haven't used makeup at all since I was about 25. Moisturiser is as far as it goes.

    Living way out in the sticks has meant I can make do with a lot less because I simply don't need it. Smart clothes and shoes being the most obvious. We don't go out nearly as much as we used to, although I do miss this. It's just so far to travel for an evening out it's easy not to bother!

  8. I was listening to someone on the radio the other day who was saying that women shoud not keep their make-up for more then a couple of months as it isn't hygeinic. Rubbish! Must've been someone from the make-up industry trying to get us to buy more.

    My favourite eyeshadow is a nice matt brown colour - I wear it often and I bought it from my Avon lady way before my kids were born - and my son is 20! My whole make-up regime takes one minute and I have the same routine (and hairstyle) that I've had for the last 30 years. Suits me!

  9. Just gone back over last few posts... thank you SO much for your lovely supportive comment - means so much xx

  10. Oh sue
    I always wear make up when feeding my chickens!
    Just because you live in the country doesn't mean that you should let yourself go

  11. Having an office job means I have to make a daily effort with minimal make-up but I like nothing better than escaping to the garden at our cottage and getting into my 'scruffs' sans makeup and having a good rummage in the undergrowth, but maybe as John above remarks I shouldn't let myself go after all I wouldn't want to scare the wildlife LOL!

  12. Little or no make-up for me too! The dog just does not care, the husband cares even less than that. I am not going to look for a new job that requires suits, make-up, high heels, etc.


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