Thursday, 28 February 2013

The £2 Housekeeping Challenge - February Report

This weeks vouchers shopping was done at T*sco to take advantage of my £13 worth,  I also had a couple of coupons for extra points or money off.  I managed to spend an additional £25.21 in cash as well ..... oops!!
It doesn't really look a lot in the picture but it is the meaty products (bacon, ham and fishfingers) that push the cost up.  I actually got 10 bottles of the sparkling water, so that should keep me going for a month.  I forgot to check the fridge before I went out and somehow completely forgot that we already had grapes (this is why it is important to check before you shop).  I could have saved myself another £4 there :-(
But all in all not a bad weeks total to finalise the month of February.
 Actual facts and figures can be found on the page at the top of the Blog. 
Of course we were aided and abetted by our Approved Foods order coming in entirely free last week. 
And speaking of Approved Foods .....
Look what arrived yesterday. 
I was tempted by some of our favourite goodies and knowing that I had some more Paypal balance to use up I decided to go for it.  Obviously these things will be rationed out slightly to last us as long as possible.
Tempted to try this because of the price.
4 for £1
(rrp £1.86 each - saving £7.43)
One of our favourite chocolate bars.
I went mad and bought 40 !!
5 for £1
(rrp 59p - saving £15.60)

6 for 99p
(rrp 55p - saving £2.31)
8 for 99p
(rrp 55p - saving £3.41)
2 for £1
(rrp £1.49 - saving £1.98)
69p each
I bought 6
(rrp £2.99 - saving £13.80)

4 @ 70p each
(rrp £1.98 - saving £5.12)

6 for 99p
I got 12
(rrp 35p - saving £2.22) 
3 for 99p
(rrp £1.78 - saving £4.35)

2 for £1.20
(rrp £1.69 - saving £2.18)

and finally ........
4 boxes of Fairtrade chocolates (2 trays in each) for £1
(rrp - £2 each - saving £7)
Another order for free, I managed to get all this with the rest of my Paypal balance and still have £2.41 left ready for next time :-)  and as you can see I saved over £65 on my shopping.
But I have a plan for March, that will hopefully see me spending even less than the total cash spend this month of £66.  Call back tomorrow and see what I have in mind.
Sue xx


  1. My first ever Approved Foods order arrived yesterday! It was the mandarins, scone mix and crunchies that sucked me in in the end! I clicked to AF via your blog so hope you reap some of the benefits of my gluttony!! :)

    1. Sounds like you got some of my favourite goodies there :-)

      Thank you for using the link, it is appreciated.

  2. Looks like you got loads for your money! I haven't shopped with approved foods before, but if they accept paypal I might place an order once I've sold some bits and bobs on ebay. I'll be sure to go through your referral link too! :)

    1. It really is a site worth using, you get lots for your money. Using Paypal makes life very simple and as you say, you can fund your shopping by selling off unwanted things.

      Using my link would be good thank you. Once you have opened an account with them and paid for your first order, you can follow their instructions and get a link code to put on your own Blog to refer your family, friends and readers, then you will get a little fee for every new customer that orders, every little helps.

  3. I've used AF once this year and will do again very soon - so cheap!

  4. I was hoping that the USA had something like approved foods but no such luck! Im jealous all your goodies always look so good!

  5. I'm another fan of AP and place an order 3 or 4 times a year (I actually placed an order at the weekend funnily enough). I didn't appreciate you could potentially refer others via a link on to your blog - done that now.

    I'm catching up on my reading since I wasn't around much last week - looking forward to reading about your plan for March!


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