Friday, 22 February 2013

Free Food

I love it when this box arrives at my door.
I think I love it even more when it contains this much 'free food'.
Lion Bars 
3 for 99p - bought 12 
40 Calories Hot Chocolate Drink
Full case of 30 for £4.99  (Half  Shop Price)
Onion Bhaji Mix
12 bought at 25p each - saving £15.60
Paxo Stuffing
6 for 99p
(Almost the same price as the supermarket 'value' range, but much bigger packs.)
Our favourite brand of Cheese and Onion crisps
6 for 99p - 12 bought

Lovely Hubby's favourite Cake
3 for 99p
Full Case of Belvita Breakfast Bars 99p
(saving £9.63)
Edited to add - It's 5.30pm and I have just found out these have now dropped to 24p a case (18 packs)  WOW!!
3.5kg of Scone Mix - £1.49
 makes 98 scones or about 75 of my 'large' ones
A tasty warm scone for under 2p then :-) 
Mandarin Segments
20p a tin - 15 bought
These have just gone down to 10p a tin - drat and double drat !!
So looking at all these prices, as brilliant as they are, how is it 'Free Food' I hear you asking. 
Well ..... I was tempted to go onto the Approved Food site because of an email they sent me advertising the Mandarin Segments, we have lots in store at the moment but not many things for desserts that are not 'baked' goods, so the thought of a little stash of tinned fruit at a really good price took me over there without too much of a struggle :-)
Once there I got a little carried away as you can see, although not as badly as I usually do and indeed most of these things will fit nicely in the gaps left in my cupboards by our eating the stores for the last few weeks.
As I went to pay I realised that I had £16 of credit for the 'Friend Recommendations' I have had recently thanks to some of you lovely lot clicking on my link and placing orders,  a GREAT BIG THANK YOU here, you know who you are.  On top of this I had a 99p credit from something that was missed off my last order, so already I was in a good place cost wise with just another £9.66 to pay, as I clicked through to pay with Paypal I noticed that the rest of the balance was paid with  my Paypal balance ....... I didn't know I had one.
After completing my order and payment I looked at my account on the Paypal site and discovered to my joy that I had another £42 to spend.  I decided that I would leave this where it was as I considered it to be 'free money' and use it for any other Approved Foods orders I need to put do in the near future.  Result !! 
(Half of this was later donated to the Funds for Gretel appeal - see HERE to donate yourself, there are just 37 days left to donate.)
So that's this weeks food shopping done.  I don't need to buy any more fresh stuff as Lovely Hubby's £2 Housekeeping Challenge amnesty for Valentines day meant he had doubled up on some of the salad and vegetable stuff I already had so we have been using this instead of buying more.
So this week I've got a £26.65 food order for free - I'm happy :-)
If you want to visit Approved Foods to see if any of these products (or others) are still available the link is on my sidebar.
At the time of typing this the only thing that is missing now is the 40 cal Chocolate drinks ,although there are some alternatives.
Sue xx


  1. I occasionally order from them. Had a great bargain of chocolate muffin mix last time. The muffins I made were fantastically chocolaty! I also get my favourite pickled peppers from them for a great price. Some hot mango pickle that we like to eat with our curry is also a bargain.
    I don`t always by from them but place the occasional order when I see more than 3 items I like.

    1. I'm still working my way through the bag of chocolate cake mix I got (I make muffins with it too). I misread the label when ordering and thought I was ordering 2.5kg it turned out to be 12.5kg. For £4.99 it must be the best value ever :-)

      Sue xx

  2. Wow, Sue I gonna take a look at approved foods, been reading your blog for a while now, one of my favourites, just started my own, its great to pick up tips, I love those belvitas, what a bargain

    1. Lovely Hubby is chomping his way through one right at this minute, when they are usually 59p each to get 18 for 99p was a brilliant buy, they'll keep him happy for ages :-)

      Sue xx

  3. WOW!! what a fab box of goodies Sue and the fact they were "free" will make them taste even better. I wish my mill shop had the scone mix, I will be passing tomorrow so will call and check again. The mandarins are lovely we have ours with yogurt, it makes a healthy pudd, although my hubby would rather have the syrup cakes and lion bars :-)

    Enjoy your day
    Karen x

  4. I think it was seeing the mandarins on your blog that made me jump at the chance when I saw them in my inbox, you can't say no to a bargain like that can you (and you got yours for 10p a tin didn't you?).

    I wish I had your mill shop near us, I'd be there every week. A lion bar and a can of cider for me tonight I think to welcome the weekend in :-)

    Sue xx

  5. I have looked at Approved foods in the past but have never ordered anything. Now the house is like a bomb site with kitchen renovations & no storage it will be at least 8 months before I can. Well done with your haul.

  6. Your order looks very like one that arrived here midweek :)

    My best buy from them was 7kg egg noodles for £3 , we are still eating them


    ps i dont think there's any added sugar in the scone mix i made date scones with mine but would have preferred a little more sweetness so will add some next time ......but then agin no sugar means savoury scones are an option too :)


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